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Cannabis License

The Cannabis Act (Bill C-45), passed by the federal government, will legalize cannabis in Canada on October 17, 2018.  Different levels of government and government agencies are responsible for different aspects of cannabis legalization, regulation and enforcement. 

The Cannabis Control (Saskatchewan) Act (Bill 121), passed by the provincial government, sets forth the rules and regulations for cannabis use in Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA) is responsible for regulating the industry in the province, including permitting and monitoring the operation of local wholesalers and retailers as well as working with the federal government and other provinces and territories to track cannabis as it moves through the supply chain. 

The Saskatoon Police Service is responsible for enforcing all laws pertaining to the federal and provincial Acts.

The City of Saskatoon is responsible for regulations related to land use and business activity within the city.  

In Saskatoon, 7 business groups have been awarded cannabis retail store permits from SLGA.  Cannabis retail stores must be standalone operations, selling only federally licensed cannabis, cannabis accessories and ancillary items as defined by SLGA.  Alcohol sales will not be permitted in cannabis stores. 

SLGA also accepts applications for wholesale cannabis permits as well as licensed producer registrations.   More information can be found on  

Cannabis retail, wholesale and production facility locations are subject to the City’s municipal zoning bylaws.

Cannabis Business Zoning

On June 25, 2018, City Council approved amendments to Bylaw No. 8770, Zoning Bylaw, to regulate cannabis-related businesses.   The regulations provide accommodation for cannabis retail stores and cannabis production facilities to be established in Saskatoon, while ensuring they are appropriately separated from sensitive land uses such as elementary and high schools, parks, community centres, public libraries and child care centres. 

Cannabis Business Licenses

Also on June 25, 2018, City Council passed Bylaw No. 9525, The Cannabis License Bylaw. The Bylaw includes provisions similar to those that apply to other businesses in the city, with additional regulations for cannabis retailers and production facilities. The intent of the Cannabis License Bylaw is to provide tools to regulate the operation of cannabis-related businesses in Saskatoon. This includes specific provisions that will assist with the enforcement of unauthorized cannabis-related businesses and will ensure that the health, safety and welfare of Saskatoon residents is maintained.