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 COVID-19 Response for Saskatoon Residents

On March 19, 2020, the City decided to close public access to City Hall and all City buildings, including fire stations, leisure facilities, attractions and Saskatoon Public Library locations. While we are closed to the public, our business operations continue to ensure core services for our residents as much as possible. Public transit currently remains operational.

Product Submissions

Interested in having your product reviewed by the City of Saskatoon? The City has created a review process for evaluating products that are not part of the standard City of Saskatoon specifications. Currently, we are accepting products in these categories:

  • Water and Sewer: Products related to the distribution and collection of water and sewage
  • Roadways: Products related to the physical road structure
  • Transportation: Products related to traffic and pedestrian control
  • Parks : Products related to public park infrastructure

In order for your submission to be accepted into our review process, you must provide:

  • Brief product description
  • Photos
  • Shop drawings
  • Life cycle costs information

Cost of proposed maintenance schedule including maintenance and replacements
Replacement horizon/expected life of product

Once this information is received, a reviewer will be assigned to your file.  You may receive a rejection letter based on the information provided, or your product may move to a second stage in-depth product review.  This review typically happens for products that are completely new to the city or unrelated to our existing product lines.


Legal Disclaimer – Product Submissions

Submitting your company’s information to the City of Saskatoon’s Product Submission Form does not create a legal relationship, contractual or otherwise, between the registrant and the City of Saskatoon. The City of Saskatoon may, at its sole discretion, consider the information submitted by a registrant in connection with the City of Saskatoon’s procurement interests and/or contact a registrant. However, the City of Saskatoon has no legal obligation to do so.


Online Form: Technical Product Submission Form

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