Aspen Ridge

The Aspen Ridge neighbourhood in University Heights is a “complete community” designed to accommodate all aspects of your daily life. Discover a range of housing options, employment opportunities, shopping amenities, recreational facilities, green spaces, trails, art, culture and more.

Natural Prairie Spaces

In Aspen Ridge, connecting with nature is as simple as a walk in the park. The neighbourhood is bounded on the northwest by the Northeast Swale, a native grassland ecosystem that was once an ancient river channel. The Swale is unique in the Saskatoon region and home to several rare and endangered plants and animals.

To help protect this important ecological feature, a transitional park called The Greenway will be built between the edge of the neighbourhood and the Swale. Seeded with native prairie plants, The Greenway includes plans for a trail that will run the length of Aspen Ridge, connecting to the Swale and the Meewasin Valley river trail system.

Connecting Communities
McOrmond Drive serves Aspen Ridge with a mix of commercial amenities and high-density housing. The street acts as a transportation corridor, creating a vibrant, transit-friendly node that connects to adjacent neighbourhoods as well as the city’s north end employment district.
McOrmond provides the ideal place to pick up groceries on your way home or grab a coffee before hopping on the bus. As the neighbourhood grows, you’ll find everything you need—shops, restaurants, lounges and pubs, spas, hair salons, medical clinics, grocery stores and more.

Pedestrian Friendly

“Complete streets” like McOrmond create space for vehicle traffic, cyclists, public transit and pedestrians by using cycle tracks, landscaped boulevards and expanded sidewalks. These pedestrian-oriented streetscapes ensure this busy, mixed-use area remains walkable.

The entire park system in Aspen Ridge has also been carefully planned to connect pedestrian and cyclist trails throughout the neighbourhood. 

Sense of Place

At the heart of Aspen Ridge is the village square, a neighbourhood destination point complete with local conveniences and mixed housing. The square is the place where neighbours meet and build community ties.