Evergreen is named after a heritage stand of 50-year-old Scots pine trees in the southeast corner of the neighbourhood. This exceptional community brings together a variety of housing choices and commercial opportunities in a beautiful setting surrounded by parks and open fields. 

Forever Green

Unique in its location, Evergreen is surrounded by nature. To the west is the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo. To the east and south is land dedicated to agricultural research. To the north is the Northeast Swale, an ancient river bed preserved as a native prairie remnant and natural wildlife corridor to the South Saskatchewan River valley.

The Saskatoon Land Incentive Program offers incentives to promote environmentally sustainable building and household practices.

The Sunny Side of the Street

Modelled as a sustainable urban village, Evergreen harmoniously incorporates a combination of housing choices, open spaces and commercial opportunities. Building a home here offers a variety of green options. For example, streets are aligned so the majority of homes receive the full benefit of sunlight, maximizing the opportunity to incorporate solar energy into homes.

The urban village design also promotes less vehicle dependence by providing opportunities for residents to engage in commercial, social and entertainment activities within the neighbourhood—without having to use the car. Even the pedestrian bridge linking east to west is designed as a “Green Bridge”, with the gentle rise over McOrmond Drive providing an open, safe route over traffic.

Where All Trails Meet

Evergreen is connected by an extensive park and trail system. Stroll, jog, run or pedal the entire community at your leisure. Trails meet at two locations. The first is the centrally located neighbourhood park, located next to two new elementary schools and community centre. The second is the village square, a central meeting place for the neighbourhood with small shops and services conveniently located close to home.

With the District Village commercial area located in the northeast section of Evergreen, you won’t have to venture far to find larger establishments, such as restaurants, grocery stores, gas bars and medical clinics. 

Environmental Incentive Program

Saskatoon Land is committed to building environmentally sustainable neighbourhoods and encourages environ-mentally friendly household practices by offering incentives to home builders and buyers purchasing lots from Saskatoon Land in Evergreen.

  1. $500 administrative cost rebate offered to promote more energy efficient homes that are certified through the ENERGY STAR Qualified program, the Energuide for New Homes 80 (EGHN 80) program or the LEED Canada for Homes program.
  2. One composter will be offered per lot to promote sustainable organic waste practices.
  3. One rain water collection barrel will be offered per lot to promote reduced potable water use.

Each new home owner will receive details about receiving the incentives once settled into the neighbourhood.