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Residential Lots

Residential Lots

Imagine a neighbourhood that is designed to promote a sense of community. A place where you will want to meet your neighbours, where you feel safe and where you and your family will not just live, but build a home and a history.  Saskatoon Land has Lots for every lifestyle! 

Single-family homes on cul-de-sacs or traditional lots with rear lanes, apartment-style condominiums and townhouses.   

Picturesque ponds, parks and walking trails, shops within walking distance and an inviting village square are some of the key features in each of Saskatoon Land’s neighbourhoods.

Lot are now available in Aspen Ridge, Evergreen, Hampton Village, Kensington, Parkridge and Rosewood.  

What's New

New Incentive Program
Cash back landscaping and driveway incentives are now available for 2016 and 2017 inventory in Aspen Ridge, Evergreen, Hampton Village, Kensington, Parkridge, and Rosewood: 

  • $6,000* cash back on completed driveways
  • $2,000* cash back on complete landscaping.

* restrictions apply.  Visit the Incentive Program page for details.

Lots For Sale

Holding a Lot

A lot may be put "on hold" for one week only. At the time the lot is put on hold, you will be given a date and time (5:00 pm) that the hold will expire.

A “hold” on a lot does not give the right of possession or any legal claim to that lot. It is intended to allow a temporary “first right of refusal” on a lot to allow potential purchasers a short period of time to finalize their decision to purchase. Absolutely no construction is allowed until after a down payment is received by Saskatoon Land and an Agreement for Sale is signed.

Saskatoon Land accepts no responsibility to contact the individual or contractor to inform them that the hold has expired. It is the responsibility of the individual or the contractor to keep track of when their hold expires.

If a renewal of the hold is required, it may be granted only under the following conditions:

  • On the expiration date of the original hold (it is recommended that you call in the morning of the expiry day to renew), and
  • If there has been no other requests to hold the lot.

The Director of Saskatoon Land may, at his discretion, designate certain lots that cannot be put on hold, and may also, without notice, deny holds on all lots.

If more than one request for a lot is received, the following shall apply:

  • The first call received shall be given one week to hold the lot, as stated above.
  • The second request shall be told of the first hold.  The first hold has the right to purchase the lot within their given time frame. If the lot is not purchased before the first hold expires, the person making the second request shall have the next hold for one week. The second and any subsequent requests shall be given the time frame for their period of hold at the time the inquiry is made. Saskatoon Land will not be responsible to contact them again for any reason (i.e. to inform them of the start or end of their hold or if a cheque is received from another party wishing to purchase the lot).

If a lot is on hold and Saskatoon Land receives a request to purchase the lot accompanied by a down payment cheque, the following shall apply:

  • Saskatoon Land will conditionally accept a cheque from the party making the request to purchase.
  • The current hold shall stand until the time has expired. Saskatoon Land will not be responsible to contact the current holder to inform them of the impending sale. Also, the waiting list will no longer be in effect and no notification of such will be given.
  • If the lot is purchased by the party that had the lot on hold, the original party’s cheque will be returned.
  • If the lot is not purchased by the party with the current hold on the lot, the party with the original cheque shall be informed that his purchase can proceed.
  • In either situation, Saskatoon Land will make every reasonable effort to inform the party wishing to purchase within 24 hours.
  • Saskatoon Land will make every reasonable attempt to inform everyone on a waiting list for the lot that the lot has been purchased.
  • Only one cheque can be placed as a backup hold at a time.

There is no charge for putting a lot on hold.

A hold or renewal on a lot may be done either in person or over the phone, and renewals can only be done on the date the hold expires.

A hold will be allowed only if the individual is eligible to purchase the lot (i.e., has not purchased a lot from the City in the last three years).

If you purchase the lot you have on hold, your name must appear on the Agreement for Sale. If holding a lot, the lot can only be sold to the person or persons to whom the hold is registered (i.e., you cannot hold for a friend or family member, or if a company has the hold it can't be on behalf of a client).

The Procedures as stated are subject to change without notice.



Saskatoon Land sells lots to individuals who are purchasing a lot for the construction of their own personal, principal residence and who have not purchased a lot directly from the City in the last three years.

Information for Individual

Check your name on lot purchase documents

The name on the Agreement for Sale will be how the Transfer of Title is prepared and ultimately how your name will appear on the title at the Land Titles Office (Information Services Corp.). Please check with your bank, mortgage company, lawyer, etc. to see how they will be showing your name on the mortgage.

Please note:

  • The Land Titles Office does not accept initials.
  • Your name should appear as your full legal name.
  • Adding your middle name may distinguish you from another person with the same name.
  • Shortened names or nicknames may not be how the mortgage company will be preparing your mortgage document.
  • Once the Agreement for Sale has been signed, the Transfer is prepared and held on file.
  • If a new Transfer is required due to a change in the name, there will be a $100 charge.

Lots are sold as is

These terms are contained in the Agreement for Sale. The terms may change without notice.

What is the minimum down payment required?
The minimum down payment required is 13% of the total price of the lot plus GST on the total price of the lot, with interest on the unpaid balance charged at:

  • The prime rate of interest, as set by the City Treasurer on the date of the purchase; and,
  • Five percent above the rate established in the agreement for any time beyond the term of the agreement.

When must I pay the balance?
The full balance (principal plus interest) is to be paid within the time of the agreement (eight months). The balance may be paid early with interest charged to and including payout date.

When can I begin construction?
Upon signing the Agreement for Sale or possession date (if delayed for servicing completion), Saskatoon Land will allow possession of the lot for the construction proposed. Building permits can be obtained from the Building Standards Branch. Construction must be finished and the home must pass the final building inspection within three years from the date of the Agreement for Sale or possession date.  If the home is not complete within three years, a $50,000 penalty will apply.

When am I responsible for the Property Taxes?
Property Taxes become the responsibility of the purchaser from the first of the month following the date of sale or possession date. For example, if a lot is purchased June 19th, the Property Taxes become the responsibility of the purchaser on July 1st.

When can I have the title transferred to my name?
The title will be issued upon receipt of payment in full or may be forwarded under appropriate trust conditions to a recognized solicitor.

What happens if I do not meet the Terms of the Agreement?
An agreement is defaulted when any of the terms are not met within the time of the Agreement. If this occurs, Saskatoon Land will take the necessary steps to cancel the sale.

Do I have to live in the house built?
There is a four-year residency requirement for the purchaser, beginning from the date the lot is completely paid out. A $50,000 penalty will be attached to the title of the property and will be exercised for those not maintaining the residency requirement or the three-year construction requirement. The $50,000 penalty will be removed from the property after both requirements are met.  The penalty is forgivable over the last three years of the four-year residency requirement, if the three-year build requirement is met.

What if I want to cancel the sale?
In the event of cancellation, rent for the right of possession is charged for the time the purchaser has held the lot. The rent is one percent of the purchase price of the lot (pro-rated to include any days in excess of the first 30 days) plus GST for each month the lot is held, plus a $500 processing fee. The rent, GST, and processing fee are deducted from monies paid (i.e. down payment) and any remaining portion is refunded or changed.


Eligible Contractors

There are periodic lot draws for newly-developed subdivisions and neighbourhoods. Once a lot draw has been completed, any remaining lots are offered for sale "over the counter" on a first-come, first-served basis. These "over the counter" lots may be put on hold or purchased by qualified individuals and eligible and probationary contractors at any time.

Information for Eligible Contractors

The City of Saskatoon offers single family residential lots for sale to eligible contractors in Saskatoon. In doing so, we strive to foster competition and diversity in the home building industry by ensuring a fair and equitable allocation of City-owned land.

The City will not sell lots to a contractor who does not meet the eligibility criteria outlined below. We reserve the right to determine contractor eligibility and to sell lots to only those who are in good standing. We also reserve the right to remove any contractor from the eligibility list and to determine the number of lots we shall offer to any contractor at any time.

Criteria for Eligibility

  1. The applicant must be a homebuilder constructing complete homes for sale.
  2. Must be incorporated in the Province of Saskatchewan.
  3. Must be a member of one of the recognized Third Party Home Warranty programs in Saskatchewan.
  4. Must complete the Probationary requirement prior to becoming an Eligible Contractor recognized by Saskatoon Land.

Probationary Contractors

The City may classify a Probationary Contractor as an applicant who has registered with the City for the first time and who provides reasonable evidence to indicate they will become a homebuilder.  The City requires Probationary Applicants to demonstrate their commitment to being or becoming an Eligible Contractor by:

  • Paying a deposit required on the initial lot purchase of a minimum of 50% of the lot purchase price, as well as all applicable taxes;
  • Paying the remaining balance of the purchase price within one calendar year from date of purchase;
  • Agreeing to complete construction including all deficiencies within one calendar year from the date of purchase; and
  • Agreeing to purchase the initial City-owned lot from only available inventory and not from a lot draw offering.

The City reserves the right to limit the number of lots offered to a Probationary Contractor and to offer no more lots until proof has been received that the contractor now meets all the criteria.

Applications for Contractors

Initial Probationary Application

Please complete, sign, and seal the Probationary Contractor Eligibility - Initial Form and submit the required attachments (see below). Use the Business Plan Guideline as an outline for information to include in your business plan. Saskatoon Land will require a minimum of 7 working days to review your application. During the review period, you will not be allowed to put a lot on hold nor purchase a lot.

Renewal Probationary Application

To renew your Contractor Eligibility, complete, sign and seal the Probationary Contractor Eligibility - Renewal  and submit the required attachments (see below).

Renewal Eligible Contractor Application

To renew your Contractor Eligibility, complete, sign and seal the Eligible Contractor Application Form and submit the required attachments (see below).

Required Attachments

  • Proof of Incorporation - copy of latest Profile Report provided by the Registrar of Companies, Corporations Branch, in Regina.
  • License Information - copy of current Business License and/or Contractor License from the City of Saskatoon.
  • Shareholder Information - state if there are any shareholders of the company who are employed by the City of Saskatoon.
  • Provide proof of membership in one of the new home warranty programs approved to conduct business in the Province of Saskatchewan. New Home Warranty providers currently accepted by Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation and available to Saskatchewan Contractors include:

Progressive Home Warranty Solutions
#102- 10446- 122nd Street, Edmonton, AB T5N 1M3
Progressive Home Warranty Solutions

National Home Warranty Programs Ltd.
National Home Warranty Programs Ltd.

New Home Warranty Program of Saskatchewan Inc.
#4- 3012 Louise Street, Saskatoon, SK S7J 3L8 
New Home Warranty Program of Saskatchewan Inc.

Blanket Home Warranty
Suite 900, 10104-103 Avenue, Edmonton, AB, T5J 0H8
Blanket Home Warranty

  • Provide proof of $2,000,000 Liability Insurance
  • Provide proof of Worker's Compensation Coverage/Registration.  If not currently registered with WCB, a clearance letter from Occupational Health & Safety is required to confirm that there are no current or previous claims or penalties against the Company.
  • Probationary Contractors, for their initial application, must also provide the following:
    • Provide a copy of a letter from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) addressed to the contractor that shows the GST Registration Number.
    • Provide written references from, but not limited to, Eligible Contractors, recognized sub-trades, building supply companies, or financial institutions.
    • A credit check; this information can be obtained from your financial institution.  A copy would be required for the company and for all it's shareholders.
    • A complete Business Plan showing a 2 year projection of business operations.  This should include cash flow forecast, income and expense projections, and financing information.

No allocation will be made to any contractor or company known to have officers or shareholders in common with any other contractor or company otherwise eligible, until both or all contractors or companies so involved have designated only one of the contractors or companies as being the one eligible for City lot allocations.

Any contractor or company which has individuals buy lots, or permits individuals to buy lots, on behalf of the contractor or company will be removed from the City's Eligible Contractor list. This does not apply however, when officers or shareholders of the company or contractor purchase lots as individuals for their own personal residence, subject to the sales policies applicable to individuals.

Any contractor or company selling lots without a house on the lot will be removed from the City's Eligible Contractor's list.

To purchase lots or for any questions, contact Saskatoon Land at (306) 975-3278 or email us.