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Core Area Bridges


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As Saskatoon’s population grows significantly inside and outside Circle Drive, so too will demands for travel across the river. The Growth Plan explored options to improve mobility within the City’s core area inside Circle Drive over the next 30 to 40 years. Consistent with the City’s commitment to sustainable growth and moving around, core area bridges need to support greater people movement, not just vehicle travel.  

The overarching vision guiding the review and evaluation of alternative core area river crossing strategies is centred on creating a transportation system that supports vibrant communities in the central area of the city and prioritizes mobility for transit, walking, and cycling.  In doing so, any core area bridge strategy must connect arterial roads, primarily serve core area travel needs, increase sustainable modes of travel, continue the grid system of streets that are characteristic of Saskatoon’s core area, and contribute toward enhancing the urban character of major roadways within the City.

The recommended approach ensures the capacity of the existing infrastructure is maximized while also reviewing the potential need for an additional river crossing in the long term.  The plan for core area river crossings has three distinct features that are essential to supporting the overall growth of Saskatoon to half a million people.  The features of the plan include:

a) maximize capacity of existing river crossings;
b) implementation of the Transit Plan and Active Transportation Plan; and
c) provide a core river crossing within Circle Drive.

This is a long-term strategy that will evolve as the City grows.  The strategy will be revisited following completion of the Traffic and North Commuter Parkway bridges to evaluate changes in travel demand patterns and to ensure planned investments in transit are achieving their intended objectives before investing in a new river crossing.

What has been completed so far?

The Growth Plan was approved in principle by City Council at their April 25, 2016 meeting. 

What are we doing?

City Administration is currently developing a ten-year action plan (2017-2026) to guide implementation of the overall Growth Plan.

What can we do?

Stay tuned to hear about future engagement opportunities related to Core Area Bridges.