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Plan for Growth

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Saskatoon will welcome 250,000 people in the next few decades. Our Plan for Growth creates a stronger social, environmental, economic and financial future for all residents.


Current Implementation Projects

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Transit Plan (includes Bus Rapid Transit / Transit System Plan Implementation)

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Corridor Planning

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Brownfield Renewal Strategy

Brownfield Renewal Strategy

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Transit Villages

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What is the City's Plan for Growth?

Saskatoon's Plan for Growth charts a course for growth and revitalization that balances and promotes quality of life, sustainability and economic development.  

Our Plan for Growth touches many aspects of everyday life in Saskatoon, from the creation of more compact and vibrant communities, to the development of business districts, parks and facilities and the delivery of services like transit, roadways and civic utilities.

These plans start with a re-envisioned transit system based around Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and infill at strategic locations in the city including downtown, the University of Saskatchewan endowment lands and along major transportation corridors.

Communications & Engagement Activity Timeline

Saskatoon's Plan for Growth touches many aspects of everyday life in Saskatoon... so you're a big part of the plan.  We need your involvement and ideas to successfully implement the Plan for Growth projects.  We want to know what matters to you.  We're ready to listen and we've created various ways to hear from you.  You can find out more about 

A New Model of Growth - Growth Plan to Half a Million

Our Growth Plan has several key themes, that together, lead us toward a new growth model for Saskatoon:

  • Corridor Growth - Encouraging growth and development near our major transportation corridors
  • Transit - Organized around a Bus Rapid Transit System (BRT), the Transit Plan re-imagines the transit system as an attractive option for current and future residents
  • Core Area Bridges - In time, making appropriate connections across the river to meet the transportation needs of the future
  • Employment Areas - Ensuring we have the right amount of well-designed employment lands in the right areas to support a growing city
  • Active Transportation - Providing more choices for how people move around the city
  • Financing Growth - Accounting for the costs of growth to ensure a sustainable financial future for the city

How did we get here?

STEP 1: Developing The Plan

Saskatoon Speaks

Starting in 2010, the City of Saskatoon began a process of developing a Community Vision and strategic plan and for the City.  Over an eight month period more than 10,000 citizens participated in forums, interviews, online questionnaires, summits and visioning sessions through Saskatoon Speaks, which engaged residents from across the city in conversations about the future.

Strategic Plan 2013 - 2023

Developed with input from the Community Vision, the City's 10 Year Strategic Plan outlines what is important in the near term and where we need to focus our energies.  It includes an overarching mission, vision and leadership commitments.  It outlines seven strategic goals.  Each goal has 10 Year Strategies and 4 Year Priorities; these represent the 'how-to' component of operationalizing the vision.

Growing Forward: Shaping Saskatoon!

Growing Forward: Shaping Saskatoon was a two and a half year, five-phase community planning process that led to the creation of the Growth Plan to Half a Million.  This directional document supported all of the Strategic Plan goals while focusing on the goals of Sustainable Growth and Moving Around.

STEP 2: Approving The Plan

Growth Plan to Half a Million - APPROVED APRIL 25, 2016

In April 2016, Saskatoon City Council adopted in principle the Growth Plan to Half a Million.  This directional document is made up of several themes that when pieced together, form a new growth model for Saskatoon.  These themes include, Corridor Growth, Transit, Core Area Bridges, Employment Areas, Active Transportation, and Financing Growth.

STEP 3: Implementing The Plan

Today, the City is implementing the direction provided in the Growth Plan to Half a Million, starting with a re-envisioned transit system based around Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and infill at strategic locations in the city including downtown, the university endowment lands and along major transportation corridors.

Public Transit Infrastructure Fund

Funding for many of the Plan for Growth projects is provided through the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF) from the Government of Canada and the City of Saskatoon.  The Government of Saskatchewan administers federal PTIF funding in the province.  Learn more about which projects are receiving funding.

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