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Financial Reporting


The City of Saskatoon received another 'AAA'/Stable credit rating from the international bond-rating agency, S&P Global Ratings (S&P)  January 2019. Receiving a 'AAA' credit rating essentially means that the City of Saskatoon can borrow money at lower rates, and is viewed by financial institutions as having virtually no-risk with respect to defaulting on credit. The City of Saskatoon has received the 'AAA'/Stable credit rating every year for more than a decade. The S&P Global Ratings January 2018 Report notes the City’s historically stable budgetary performance and sound financial management, and also foresees a robust economy and healthy outlook for Saskatoon.

 S&P Global Ratings  Research Update January 2019 AAA Report for Saskatoon

 S&P Global Ratings Research Update January 2018 AAA Report for Saskatoon 

Operating Budget

The annual Operating Budget is tabled by the Administration with the Budget Committee for review followed by the formal City Council approval based on the Budget Committee's recommendations.

In past years this process has been completed in April after the Provincial Operating Grant to the Cities have been announced in the Provincial Budget in March.   With the new Municipal Operating Grant based on a formula tied to an equivalent of 1% PST, the Province has made it easier for municipalities to budget earlier.  The City of Saskatoon hopes to shorten its budget cycle in the near future as a result of this change.

Capital Budget

The Capital Budget is tabled by the Administration with the Budget Committee and reviewed by the Committee normally in early December each year. The Committee then forwards its recommendations to City Council for formal approval shortly thereafter.


Financial Reports


2018 Budget

 2018 Corporate Business Plan and Budget: Shaping our Financial Future
 2018 Approved Operating and Capital Budget
2018 Approved Capital Project Details

City Council's approved 2018 Budget funds core services that citizens rely on for a high quality of life in Saskatoon: Highlights of the Approved 2018 Budget

Learn more about the City's areas of commitment - and how the 2018 Budget rises to the challenge through this series of 2018 Budget Infographs.

Saskatoon Strides: Report on Service, Savings and Sustainability (SSS Report)


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