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Making a Bylaw Complaint

People deserve a clean, safe and healthy place to live, and bylaws help achieve this. Bylaws build better communities and better communities build happiness and success.

There are bylaws in Saskatoon to cover many different things.  There are bylaws on fire prevention, property maintenance, dangerous goods, zoning, business licensing, waste dumping, sidewalk clearing, noise, drainage, parking, snow clearing, street use and temporary signs . . . to name a few.

Bylaw Enforcement

Please note all complaints received are maintained as confidential.  All complaints are investigated thoroughly and we will contact you if further information or clarification is required.  Due to privacy considerations updates on the status of a file are not provided to the complainant.

 What you  can expect from us

  1. The complaint will be thoroughly investigated to assess if a bylaw has indeed been broken.
  2. If a bylaw has been broke, we will work with the offender to try and correct the situation.  If necessary tickets or further orders may be given. Some bylaw complaints can take up to a year to fully assess due to legal processes.

 How you can help us

  1. If comfortable, we would encourage you to talk to your neighbour about your complaint.
  2. Submit your complaint online - including as much detail as possible.
  3. Be available and willing to help if an inspector requires more information from you.

Please visit our City Bylaws page to view all of the bylaws.

City Bylaws

Your Information

Please provide us with the location of the property of concern, or if the nature of the complaint is not site specific, please provide a description of the location including addresses of nearby locations:

Files must be less than 2.00 MB
Allowed file types: gif, jpg, png

The personal information required in this form is collected under the authority of Section 24 of The Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Any personal information collected by the City will be managed in accordance with the City’s Privacy Policy.