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Supply of Residential and Industrial Land


“A one-year inventory of land for single family units, a two-year inventory of land for multi-family units and a two-year inventory of industrial land” are  targets to support building demand.   The target includes inventory held by the City and by private sector builders and developers.

How are we doing?

The supply of serviced land for single and multi-unit residential housing has met or exceeded targets over the last five years. As of December 2017, there was enough land available for 1,446 single-family units and 3,320 multi-family units. 

The supply of serviced land for industrial development has met or exceeded targets over the last five years. As of December 2017, there was an inventory of over 223 acres which exceeded the target of holding approximately 100 acres.

Data Table
Residential Land Units Inventory
  2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Single Family Inventory  1031 1634 1646 1394 1826 2002 2141 1446
Multi Family Inventory 3968 3125 3020 2788 3132 3382 3009 3320
Single Family Target 1013 1330 1464 1195 1195 1155 1050 1000
Multi Family Target 2624 2750 2514 2466 2490 2446 2229 2200
Data Table
Industrial Land Inventory
  2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Inventory (acres) 54.42 111.58 198.23 166.58 178.37 183 197 223
2 year target (acres) 67.82 70.34 101.22 140.28 158.55 129 75.26 100


The targets measure success in maintaining an adequate supply of serviced land to meet building demand.

The target for single family lots is equivalent to a one-year supply held by Saskatoon Land and private-sector home builders and developers. In setting yearly servicing goals for single family lots, the City aims to have enough land completely serviced by year-end to satisfy the City’s share of market demand in the next year.

The target for serviced land for multi-family units accommodates a two-year demand. A multifamily project typically requires a longer time to design and construct. The target for industrial serviced land supports two years of demand for industrial building.

The inventory target provides a healthy supply of land to accommodate business and employment growth. The annual target for serviced residential land is based on past building permits, projected population growth and projected demand for single family lots and multiunits in the upcoming year. The annual target for industrial land is based on the average of the previous five years of industrial land sales by Saskatoon Land.

What do we need to do to achieve this target?

Over the next two years, Saskatoon developers are planning to service enough land to accommodate over 8,000 dwelling units. Actual servicing levels will vary depending on contractor performance, weather, and market conditions. 

Investment required by the City and private land developers to achieve the targets is not measured. The City’s investment required to meet inventory targets is quantified in the annual Land Development Capital Budget.

What are the benefits of achieving the target?
  • Meeting the inventory target for residential land supply ensures there is a sufficient amount of serviced lots to accommodate demand for housing in the Saskatoon market.
  • The one-year supply of single family and two-year supply of multi-family land ensures a balanced market exists that is not subject to significant price swings due to land shortage or oversupply.
  • Measuring inventory levels to ensure the targets are being met informs investment decisions and ensures carrying costs are not unreasonably high. 

What are the risks? 
  • Due to the significant capital expenditure land development has inherent risk. In achieving the target inventory levels, changing market conditions that are beyond the City’s control can have significant impacts on achieving the targets.
  • Above average precipitation and contractor performance can have a significant impact on the City’s ability to influence the target.
  • Much of the risk in achieving the target arises from the dependence on the investment decisions of private developers. As a land developer the City strives to achieve the above noted targets, however it is the land development industry as a whole that ultimately achieves the set inventory goals.

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