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A Runner at River Landing

We have a strong community spirit, and there is a mix of facilities, amenities, and opportunities for citizens to come together, pursue their interests and enjoy our city’s built, natural, and cultural heritage.

Perceived Quality of Life

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Number of New Attainable Housing Units

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Vacancy Rates for Rental Housing

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Participation Rates for City Recreation and Cultural Facilities

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Crime Rates

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Fire Response Time

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Challenges and Key Strategies

 Strategies for Success
  • Developing a new Recreation and Parks Master Plan to provide accessible recreation opportunities to meet changing needs.
  • Working in partnership with community-based organizations to develop a new joint-use city centre recreation facility to better serve core neighbourhoods.
  • Partnering to construct and operate a winter recreation park and lifestyle centre at Diefenbaker Park
  • Completing construction and transitioning of the new Remai Modern Art Gallery of Saskatchewan.
  • Working with community organizations to implement Age-Friendly Saskatoon Initiative recommendations.
  • Ensuring City of Saskatoon services and facilities are physically and financially accessible.
  • Implementing Saskatoon’s Housing Business Plan 2012-2022.
  • Strengthening partnerships with Aboriginal organizations to enhance access to training, employment, economic opportunities, and housing.
  • Working in partnership with the community to develop collaborative community-based policing strategies to reduce crime by combining enforcement with proactive prevention, education, and early intervention.
  • Developing a plan to strategically locate fire stations to maximize the service area that can be reached within four minutes to meet the safety needs of citizens and minimize overlap of service areas. 

  • Citizen perceptions of quality of life in Saskatoon compare favourably to perceptions in other major Western Canadian cities.
  • The City supported the development of 542 attainable housing units.  Saskatoon’s vacancy rate increased to above the national average.
  • Attendance at the City’s recreation and culture facilities increased by almost 12,000 people in 2014 to 1.6 million visits.  Attendance at City Leisure Centres and Playground Programs contributed the most to the increase.
  • The 2014 Summer Playground experienced its busiest summer on record, with approximately 138,500 visits to paddling pools, spray pads, youth centres, and MēTaWēTān programs.
  • Infrastructure to enhance public use of River Landing was completed in 2014 and attracted more than half a million visitors.
  • Saskatoon experienced a 6.8% decrease in per capita crime rates in 2013 and 27.9% decrease over the last five years.
  • Citizens highly rated their satisfaction with fire protection services in 2014 (8.3 out of 10).

  • Perceived quality of life in Saskatoon decreased slightly in 2014.
  • Although participation rates at the City’s recreation and culture facilities increased in 2014, the increase in participation did not increase at the same rate as percentage population growth.
  • Visits to the Mendel Art Gallery decreased by 5,800 (3.4%) in 2014.
  • After roads and infrastructure, citizens identify “crime and policing” as the next most important issue facing Saskatoon.  Rising gang activity is a top concern.
  • Saskatoon’s per capita crime rates were higher than in other major Western Canadian cities in 2013.  A marginalized population and the City’s rapid population growth contribute to crime challenges.