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Arts & Culture Activities

The Coming Spring Event


Artists in Place: The Bunkhouse Project 

Artists in Place: The Bunkhouse Project is an artist-in-residence pilot program sponsored by the City of Saskatoon, with a grant from the Saskatchewan Arts Board’s Artists in Communities program.   For more information, visit Artists in Place:  The Bunkhouse Project webpage.  


Public Art Walking Tour: "Contemplating the Evolution of Public Art" - September 29

Take a walk through the evolution of public art in Saskatoon from the City’s first commission, 1959’s controversial Robert Murray modernist sculpture, through the ubiquitous period of statuary bronzes to the large scale murals of today by artists such as Emannuel Jarus. Led by curator Dr. Jen Budney, this tour will reflect on:

  • How the practice of public art has changed in the last 50 years
  • How the public’s expectations of public art has changed over time
  • How the City’s approaches to public art is changing

Public Art Walking Tour:  "Contemplating the Evolution of Public Art"
Sunday, September 29, 2019
1:30 p.m.
Meet in front of the Bessborough Hotel, 601 Spadina Crescent East
Free to the public

Hosted in conjunction with Culture Days and the Creative City Network of Canada Summit


Creative City Summit - October 1 to 3, 2019

The City of Saskatoon will be hosting the Creative City Network of Canada Summit from October 1 to 3, 2019.  This three day conference for municipal cultural workers provides an opportunity for Saskatoon to share knowledge and highlight its dynamic arts and culture scene.

Saskatoon filmmaker, Andrei Feheregyhazi, was selected to create a short animated film to promote the event.  His film, Saskatoon:  Where the Art Is, is sponsored by Saskatchewan's Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport and the City of Saskatoon.  The composition for the video was created by local musician, Dean Summach.


Culture Days

Every year, in the last weekend of September, Culture Days activities are available in Saskatoon. Culture Days is a national event that is free to participants and involves hands-on experiences that provide the public “backstage” or “behind-the-scenes” access to share in how art is made.

It is an invitation to the public to connect, engage and co-create in an innovative way in the arts. There are many opportunities for engagement and participation. Local businesses and emerging artists are encouraged to host and collaborate with artistic troupes in diverse cultural practices.

Creating Community: A Brief History of Arts and Culture in Saskatoon

Researched and written by Saskatoon writer Regine Haensel in 2011, this booklet traces the development of arts and heritage in Saskatoon. A cultural timeline of milestone events is also included. Printed copies are available by calling 306-975-3378.

 Creating Community: A Brief History of Arts and Culture in Saskatoon