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Culture Plan


Saskatoon’s municipal culture plan was approved by City Council on September 12, 2011. The plan is the culmination of 2 years work that included extensive community engagement. Through this process, we heard from: 

  • a wide range of City Departments and Branches,
  • not-for-profit arts, heritage and cultural organizations,
  • individual artists ranging from writers to sculptors to actors,
  • business leaders including those from creative industry: digital animators and designers,
  • the University of Saskatchewan,
  • local school boards,
  • community associations,
  • and hundreds of residents through the Saskatoon Speaks – City Visioning community conversations. 

This Plan lays out a 5-10 year vision for culture in Saskatoon and is built around six strategic directions:

  1. Arts sector support
  2. Heritage 
  3. Youth 
  4. Diversity
  5. Neighbourhoods
  6. City Centre 

The Plan also outlines the role that the City of Saskatoon can play in culture, specifically as an enabler, convenor, broker and facilitator.

In summary, this plan is about:

  • Supporting economy including the creative sector;     
  • Attracting and retaining youth;
  • Ensuring that we have a thriving and lively downtown;Our neighbourhoods maintaining their character and unique identity; 
  • Residents of all ages and income levels having access to arts and cultural opportunities; and 
  • Positioning the arts as a way to building bridges between cultures     
Cultural Mapping

The City of Saskatoon and the University of Saskatchewan have partnered to undertake a series of community and cultural mapping projects. The purpose of these mapping projects is to better understand the scope and impact of culture in Saskatoon, both at the city-wide level and at the neighbourhood level and how it impacts quality of life.

 “Hidden Histories” is a seven-essay compilation of Saskatoon’s memory of the First World War researched and wrtitten by University of Saskatchewan student Eric Story in 2015.

Hidden Histories

In the summer of 2014 two University of Saskatchewan students updated and expanded Saskatoon's cultural facilities map and inventory.

Cultural Facilities Inventory