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Climate Adaptation Strategy

Various new initiatives, design considerations and maintenance standards are in place or in progress to prepare for, and reduce the impact of severe weather events and risk conditions in relation to the City’s key infrastructure.


The City of Saskatoon is actively involved in protecting our water source through its involvement and support for the South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards .

Environmental Grant

The Environmental Grant is available for activities related to protection of the environment, conservation of natural resources, and/or environmental communications, education and research.

Soil Handling Strategy

The City of Saskatoon has a Soil Handling Strategy that focuses on the management of contaminated and clean soils from City construction projects

Community Environmental Programs

The City of Saskatoon's community sustainability programs, such as Student Action for a Sustainable Future, Green Stem, and the Saskatchewan Living Green Expo. 

Climate Change

The City of Saskatoon has a plan to lower its emissions. Learn more about our goals, and what you can do to help.

Environmental Dashboard

The most recent information on environmental indicators tracked by the City related to our land, air, water and waste.

Rainfall Report

The 2016 Annual Rainfall Report provides a summary of the 2016 rainfall season and a comparison with historical rainfall data from Environment Canada. 

Green Strategy

The purpose of the Green Strategy is to develop an integrated approach to planning and maintaining a sustainable, biodiverse city, one in which natural areas and other green and open spaces are considered important infrastructure.

Northeast Swale