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The City of Saskatoon provides a number of grant programs to assist registered non-profit groups to provide programs in the Saskatoon area.

City staff are available to help applicants; organizations applying for a grant are encouraged to contact staff prior to the application deadline date.

Grants are not provided to individuals, and there are no travel grants.

Grants Available

Note: for applications and follow-up report forms that are accepted via email please download the form and save it to your computer prior to filling it out.

One-Time Sports Grant For Minor Capital Projects

This program is no longer available.

This one-time grant provided funding for capital projects to sports organizations based in Saskatoon. This program was funded by a generous donation from the Saskatoon Sports Council.

Please download forms and save them to your computer prior to filling them out.

 One-Time Sports Grant for Minor Capital Projects Follow-Up Form


For more information email or call 306-975-3391


This program is not currently available.

Please download forms and save them to your computer prior to filling them out.

 ​WinterCityYXE Grant Follow Up Report Form

For more information email or call 306-975-3391

Saskatchewan Lotteries Community Grant

The next deadline for this program is 4:30 pm January 15, 2018.

For groups registered under the Sask Non-Profit Corporations Act offering eligible sports, culture, or recreation projects for Saskatoon residents.

Please download forms and save them to your computer prior to filling them out.

 Saskatchewan Lotteries Community Grant Follow Up Report Form 
 Saskatchewan Lotteries Community Grant Guidelines 
 Saskatchewan Lotteries Community Grant Application Form 

For more information email or call 306-975-3391


Assistance to Community Groups - Cash Grant Social (part of the Saskatoon Collaborative Funders Partnership)

Website opens January 15, 2018 and closes February 28, 2018  website:

To be eligible for this grant, an organization must be registered as a nonprofit organization under The Non-Profit Corporations Act of Saskatchewan or under The Co-operative Act of Saskatchewan or registered as a charitable organization with the Canada Revenue Agency.  Not applicable for sport, culture, or recreation projects.

Objective - to support human service groups in activities that are of general benefit to Saskatoon citizens and enhances their quality of life, especially in relation to the family.  Focus is on supports and services to vulnerable populations within our community.  Assistance shall not be provided for programs which are considered to be a duplication of services already provided.

Priority - shall be given to those projects and groups which:  work in a cooperative and collaborative fashion in the delivery of human services; provide direct services, either pro-active or remedial, that enhance the quality of life for vulnerable citizens of Saskatoon; work with a community development focus to meet demonstrated areas of current and urgent need; demonstrate "client group" involvement demonstrate, by the nature of their activities, the maintenance of a stable community.

  Application Guide

 Follow-Up Report

For more information or to register your organization email or call 306-986-3026.

Assistance to Community Groups - Cash Grant Environmental

Application Deadline: February 15, 2018

A total of $20,000 is allocated annually, to local non-profit organizations implementing initiatives that support the City of Saskatoon’s strategic goal of Environmental Leadership, with $10,000 of this total allocated specifically to projects that relate to protection of our water resources. To be eligible for the grant, activities must relate to one of the following categories:

•  protection of the environment;
•   conservation of natural resources; and/or
• environmental communications, education or research.

 2018 Application Form

 2018 Guidance Document

For more information please visit the Environmental Grant webpage, or contact Environmental & Corporate Initiatives at or 306-975-2487.

Sports Participation Grant

The next deadline for this program is 4:30 pm February 15, 2018.

Any group (except Community Associations) registered under the Sask Non-Profit Corporations Act offering a sport program that fits the criteria (Coaching, Access and Explore) on the application form.

Please download forms and save them to your computer prior to filling them out.

 Sports Participation Grant Follow Up Report Form
 Sports Participation Grant Guidelines 
 Sports Participation Grant Application Form 

For more information email or call 306-975-3391

Youth Sports Subsidy

Application Deadline October 15 Annually.

This program subsidizes the rental cost of facilities required to deliver sports programs to youth who are 18 and under.  This program also provides special event grant funds for eligible youth sport organizations hosting events in Saskatoon.  Eligible organizations are those currently receiving the Youth Sport Subsidy.

See  Youth Sport Subsidy--Allocation Criteria and Special Events Policy for details.

 Youth Sport Subsidy Special Event Post-Event Evaluation Report

For more information call 306-975-3339

Special Events Grant

This program provides grants to groups/organizations registered under the Sask NON-PROFIT Corporations Act wishing to host major events in Saskatoon. Events must have an event operating expense budget of $100,000 or greater to be eligible.  

Application Deadlines are March and October annually.  The next deadline for this grant is 4:30 p.m. March 1, 2018.

See  Special Events Policy for details.  


 Major Special Event Evaluation Rating Tool 

 Profile Saskatoon Event Evaluation Rating Tool

For more information, call 306-975-3339

Jack Adilman Fund Capital Grant for Sports

No grant this year.

One-time capital projects for registered Non-Profit amateur sports groups.

Please download forms and save them to your computer prior to filling them out.

  Follow-up report

For more information email or call 306-975-3391.


Culture Grant

The Culture Grant Program provides funding to 17 flagship cultural organizations; these organizations fall under one of the following categories: Major Arts Institutions; Major Festivals; or Major Heritage or Museum Institutions. A complete list of the organizations funded in the Culture Grant Program can be found in the Grant Results link below.

For more information contact the Arts and Grants Consultant or 306-975-3391

Grant Results

2017 Grant results for the following programs: Cultural Capital Grant, Sask Lotteries Community Grant, Sports Participation Grant, Environmental Grant, Culture Grant, Cash Grant Social, Stand Alone Grant Program.
 2017 Grant Awards

For more information email or call 306-975-3391

Grants Workshop

The City of Saskatoon offers free grant workshops on an annual basis.

Workshops consist of a 20 minute presentation on basic grant writing followed by an open house; City staff are available to discuss grant programs.

The next workshops will take place in September of 2018.