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Climate Change

Climate Action Plan

The City of Saskatoon has a plan to lower its emissions. Learn more about our goals, and what you can do to help.

Local Actions: Adaptation Strategy

Various new initiatives, design considerations and maintenance standards are in place or in progress to prepare for, and reduce the impact of severe weather events and risk conditions in relation to the City’s key infrastructure.

Low Emissions: Mitigation Strategy City of Saskatoon (City) is currently developing The Low Emissions Community Plan, which includes a variety of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction initiatives to achieve our 2023 and 2050 targets. 

Climate Action Events

Check out Climate Action events near you!

Green Strategy

The purpose of the Green Strategy is to develop an integrated approach to planning and maintaining a sustainable, biodiverse city, one in which natural areas and other green and open spaces are considered important infrastructure.

Clean Power Generation Initiatives

 Saskatoon Light & Power is committed to returning to our generation roots, developing and implementing new ways of generating power that provide benefits to our customers, the environment, and the City. 

Hydropower Generation

 A new hydropower system is proposed at the existing Saskatoon Weir that will generate 5.5-6.1 megawatts of clean power with an estimated 21,120 tonnes reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. 

Solar Power Demonstration Site

The Saskatoon Solar Power Demonstration Site is a collaboration between Saskatoon Light & Power, the SES Solar Co-operative, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, and the Saskatchewan Environmental Society.