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Traffic Detour Request

Detours are a necessary part of any work-zones that are located on City of Saskatoon roadways.  They help to ensure that workers have enough space to complete their tasks safely while also allowing motorists and pedestrians to travel safely around work-zones.    

The Roadways Activity Coordination Group (The Detour Group) manages and coordinates all closures and detours that take place on City of Saskatoon roads.  Temporary Traffic Control Plans (TTCPs) are created based on detour requests that are submitted.  TTCPs are created and coordinated in a way that will allow the work to be completed while still allowing traffic to flow. 

It is important to submit a Traffic Detour Request for any work that will be taking place on a City of Saskatoon roadway.  This allows the Detour Group to coordinate that work with other projects and helps the Sign Shop to manage their resources.  Submitting detour requests also ensures that we do not make areas inaccessible to traffic with a TTCP or detour traffic into other existing closures. 

Please read through the guidelines below before you submit your Traffic Detour request.

  • The Detour Group’s business hours are Monday to Friday from 8am to 4:30pm
  • Please submit the form below making sure to include a work-zone drawing  as an attachment such as this example 
  • All requests require a minimum of Six (6) days’ notice to allow sufficient time to process
    • Requests must be submitted prior to 11am to have the submission day count as one of the Six (6) days that are required
  • There is no guarantee your request will be approved. (Due to other work in area, available staff, traffic implications, etc.)
  • The City is currently not set up to give price quotes for requests and work only on cost recovery  
  • It is the responsibility of the contractor to notify all residents and/or commercial stakeholders of upcoming work and closures that may affect them in any way
  • Cancellations require a minimum of one hour advance notice. A full working day is preferred.
    • Note: charges may still may apply for any work that was completed before the cancellation notice was received by the Detour Group

Online Form: Book an Traffic Detour (Contractors)

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