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Road Maintenance & Repair

Report Debris on Roads

Use this form if you want to the city to remove debris from a roadway.

Building Better Roads

Report a pothole, view calendars for seasonal maintenance such as back lanes and street sweeping.

Back Lanes

 Beginning late spring or early summer, City crews grade all gravel back lanes by neighbourhood. 

Construction Projects

From approximately May to October crews across the city improve our roadways, bridges, and water and sewer systems to meet the needs of a growing Saskatoon.

Line Painting

Road lines help drivers maintain proper position on roadways, separate opposite flows of traffic, and help indicate and direct traffic into the proper channels.

Pothole & Utility Cut Repairs

Once the snow melts and the hot asphalt mix is available for use in the spring, the City begins its annual spring pothole blitz.

Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping occurs twice yearly to remove sand, leaves and debris.