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Queen Street Water Main Replacement

Project Update

November 4, 2016 - Project Update - Water Main Replacement Project Queen Street Location Complete

The Water Main Replacement Project Queen Street Location is complete!

Here's the news release with information about the work that was completed. 

City Park residents and visitors are advised to anticipate traffic detours and parking restrictions on Queen Street, beginning Monday, July 18.

Alternate access to Saskatoon City Hospital will be clearly marked and emergency vehicles will be notified in advance of changes to entry points, as the project progresses.

Saskatoon City Hospital - Temporary Public Entrance

For more information, please vist: Saskatoon City Hospital Parking Services 

Saskatoon City Hospital Temporary Public Entrance

This coordinated approach to water distribution, sanitary sewer and road rehabilitation projects required on Queen Street will improve reliability of these services and save money. The projects and associated traffic restrictions are scheduled as follows, weather permitting and barring any unforeseen circumstances:

Monday, July 18

  • Water valve replacement at 9th Avenue North
  • (Overnight) Sanitary sewer lining from 6th Avenue North to 8th Avenue North

Monday, July 25

  • Water main replacement from 6th Avenue North to 8th Avenue North will occur in three phases to minimize the length of time businesses and drivers are impacted.
  • Road resurfacing on Queen Street from 2nd Avenue North to Spadina Crescent East will occur once all construction is completed.

The project will be divided into four phases (Updated October 26, 2016):

  • Phase A  Water main work is complete. Road rebuilding is complete. First lift of asphalt is done. 
  • Phase B  Water main work is complete. During water main work the city identified a storm sewer that was in need of repair. As the ground was open and contractors were on site this work can be done faster and with less impact to residents overall (no need to return to the location at a later date and reopen the roadway). This work will add a few days to the project. Paving (first lift) will begin as soon as storm sewer work is complete. 
  • Phase C  Water main is complete and this section is open to traffic. 
  • Phase D (Resurfacing) TBD

Some project delays have been caused by infrastructure and infrastructure alignment. Due to the age of the infrastructure, these issues could not be identified until the area was excavated. Phasing of the project has limited the delays and kept the project on schedule for completion this construction season. 

Water Main Replacement (Three Phases)

Queen Street Water Main Replacement

Road Resurfacing (Final Phase)

Queen Street Road Resurfacing