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Street Sweeping

Street sweeping

As soon as the roads are dry in early spring, the City begins a spring sweeping blitz to remove heavier dirt and debris that gathers over the winter. In May, yellow No Parking signs are posted on scheduled streets to notify drivers of upcoming curb-to-curb sweeping through residential neighbourhoods. In mid-October, street sweeping occurs in select neighbourhoods to reduce the potential for spring flooding.


 What you can expect from us

  1. Street sweeping will occur on higher-traffic roads, such as Circle Drive, Idylwyld Drive, 22nd Street, 8th Street and College Drive to collect debris left from winter, going around parked cars.
  2. City-wide residential sweeping occurs on streets posted with yellow "No Parking" signs. Street Sweeping Service Alerts will be issued if there is a change to the residential sweeping schedule.
  3. Business Improvement Districts are swept overnight between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. on the first Tuesday and Wednesday of each month, starting in May.
  4. Bridges and overpasses will be swept in the evening and overnight.
Find Your Sweeping Date 
  • Adelaide/Churchill Streets - Thursday, May 24
  • Adelaide/Churchill Avenues - Tuesday, May 29
  • Arbor Creek Outside - Thursday, May 17
  • Arbor Creek Inside - Wednesday, May 9
  • Avalon All - Tuesday, May 29
  • Blairmore Suburban Centre All - Tuesday, Jun 12
  • Brevoort Park All - Monday, May 28
  • Briarwood Outside - Saturday, May 12
  • Briarwood Inside - Wednesday, May 16
  • Buena Vista Streets - Saturday, May 26
  • Buena Vista Avenues - Wednesday, May 30
  • Caswell Hill Streets - Friday, Jun 8
  • Caswell Hill Avenues - Friday, Jun 1
  • City Park Odd Avenues - Saturday, Jun 9
  • City Park Even Avenues - Sunday, Jun 3
  • City Park Streets - Saturday, Jun 16
  • College Park Inside - Thursday, May 31
  • College Park Outside - Wednesday, May 23
  • College Park East All - Monday, Jun 4
  • Confederation Park Inside - Monday, Jun 18
  • Confederation Park Outside - Tuesday, Jun 5
  • Confederation Suburban Centre All - Friday, Jun 8
  • Dundonald All - Monday, Jun 11
  • Eastview North - Tuesday, May 22
  • Eastview South - Sunday, Jun 3
  • Erindale Outside - Wednesday, May 9
  • Erindale Inside - Friday, May 18
  • Evergreen Inside - Friday, May 11
  • Evergreen Outside - Monday, May 14
  • Exhibition Avenues - Wednesday, May 30
  • Exhibition Streets - Sunday, Jun 3
  • Fairhaven Southeast - Wednesday, Jun 13
  • Fairhaven Northwest - Saturday, Jun 16
  • Forest Grove South - Thursday, May 17
  • Forest Grove North - Tuesday, May 8
  • Greystone Heights All - Wednesday, Jun 6
  • Grosvenor Park All - Monday, May 28
  • Hampton Village West - Monday, Jun 11
  • Hampton Village East - Monday, Jun 18
  • Haultain Avenues - Saturday, May 26
  • Haultain Streets - Thursday, May 24
  • Holiday Park Streets - Thursday, Jun 14
  • Holiday Park Avenues - Thursday, Jun 7
  • Holliston Streets - Saturday, Jun 2
  • Holliston Avenues - Friday, May 25
  • Hudson Bay Park All - Sunday, Jun 17
  • Kelsey - Woodlawn Residential - Friday, Jun 15
  • King George Streets - Thursday, Jun 14
  • King George Avenues - Thursday, Jun 7
  • Lakeridge Inside - Wednesday, May 23
  • Lakeridge Outside - Wednesday, May 16
  • Lakeview Outside - Monday, May 28
  • Lakeview Inside - Wednesday, May 23
  • Lakewood Suburban Centre All - Wednesday, May 16
  • Lawson Heights Inside - Monday, May 7
  • Lawson Heights Outside - Tuesday, May 15
  • Lawson Heights Suburban Centre All - Thursday, May 10
  • Massey Place All - Tuesday, Jun 5
  • Mayfair Streets - Sunday, May 20
  • Mayfair Avenues - Tuesday, May 15
  • Meadowgreen Avenues - Friday, Jun 15
  • Meadowgreen Streets - Monday, Jun 18
  • Montgomery Place All - Sunday, Jun 10
  • Mount Royal Streets - Thursday, Jun 14
  • Mount Royal Avenues - Wednesday, Jun 13
  • North Park All - Tuesday, May 15
  • Nutana Avenues - Friday, Jun 1
  • Nutana Streets East - Saturday, Jun 9
  • Nutana Streets West - Saturday, Jun 16
  • Nutana Park North - Friday, May 25
  • Nutana Park South - Sunday, May 27
  • Pacific Heights All - Tuesday, Jun 12
  • Parkridge Outside - Friday, Jun 15
  • Parkridge Inside - Tuesday, Jun 5
  • Pleasant Hill Streets - Sunday, Jun 17
  • Pleasant Hill Avenues - Thursday, Jun 7
  • Queen Elizabeth Streets - Thursday, May 24
  • Queen Elizabeth Avenues - Wednesday, May 30
  • Richmond Heights All - Thursday, May 10
  • River Heights North - Monday, May 7
  • River Heights South - Thursday, May 10
  • Riversdale Streets - Thursday, Jun 14
  • Riversdale Avenues - Thursday, Jun 7
  • Silverspring South - Tuesday, May 8
  • Silverspring North - Friday, May 11
  • Silverwood Heights Outside Area 2 - Monday, May 14
  • Silverwood Heights Inside - Monday, May 7
  • Silverwood Heights Outside Area 1 - Saturday, May 19
  • Stonebridge North - Tuesday, May 22
  • Stonebridge Southeast - Sunday, May 27
  • Stonebridge Southwest - Sunday, May 20
  • Sutherland North - Friday, May 18
  • Sutherland South - Tuesday, May 8
  • The Willows All - Sunday, May 20
  • Varsity View Avenues - Wednesday, Jun 6
  • Varsity View Streets - Saturday, Jun 2
  • Westmount Avenues - Friday, Jun 1
  • Westmount Streets - Friday, Jun 8
  • Westview All - Monday, Jun 11
  • Wildwood North - Thursday, May 31
  • Wildwood South - Monday, Jun 4
  • Willowgrove South - Sunday, May 13
  • Willowgrove North - Wednesday, May 9

 How you can help us

  1. Watch for yellow No Parking signs beginning in May and remove your vehicle by 7 a.m. on the posted sweeping day to avoid a ticket and/or relocation to a nearby street. Check Find My Vehicle! if your vehicle is moved.
  2. Watch for slow moving sweeping equipment on the road and stay back for everyone's safety.
  3. Report locations where residents have illegally pushed excessive leaves onto the street to the Bylaw Inspector at 306-975-3193. City Bylaw Inspectors will investigate and violators may receive a fine. Applicable City Bylaws are: Bylaw No. 7200 The Traffic Bylaw, Bylaw No. 5713 Waste and Dumping, Bylaw No. 8310 The Waste Bylaw.
More About Street Sweeping


How will I be notified of my street sweeping date?

Bright yellow ‘No Parking’ signs will be posted in neighbourhoods 36-48 hours in advance of sweeping. Refer to the Street Sweeping schedule on this page for a full schedule.


What could cause a street to be missed by street sweepers?

  • Some neighbourhoods are swept over two or three days to leave streets open for alternate parking, i.e. Streets one day and Avenues another day.
  • Two neighbourhoods have partial sweeping: Exhibition includes only west of Herman Avenue; Varsity View includes only north of 14th Street.
  • Street sweeping may have a delayed start time, be cancelled or end early if there is heavy rain.  Street Sweeping Service Alerts will be issued if there is a change to the schedule and signs will be removed to indicate street sweepers will not return on that date.
  • If you feel your street was missed by accident, please call the 24-Hour Customer Service Centre at 306-975-2476


My vehicle was towed for street sweeping.  Where is it?

Vehicles remaining on a street posted for street sweeping may be ticketed and relocated to a nearby street. If your vehicle is moved, visit Find My Vehicle! for its location or call our 24-Hour Customer Service Centre at 306-975-2476.


Who can I contact if I see someone vandalizing or taking a No Parking sign?  Or if I find a sign?

Please call Saskatoon Police Services at 306-975-8300 to report vandalism or theft of City signs.  If you find an abandoned sign , please email us or call 306-975-2476.

Our staff wear City of Saskatoon high-visibility vests when they update dates and reposition signs.


Street sweeping is scheduled for the same day as my Black Garbage, Blue Recycling or Green Cart collection.  Can I still put my cart on the street for collection?

If you are a Green Cart subscriber, your collection day may occur on your neighbourhood sweeping day. Please place your cart on the street as instructed and City staff will move it out of the way for sweeping and return it for collection.  The schedule is designed to work around the black garbage and blue recycling cart collection, which are city-wide programs.


Will the City be cleaning leaves and debris off sidewalks?

The City cleans sidewalks on major roadways, and asks that you remove leaves and debris from your sidewalks and driveways. Please do not push leaves from your sidewalk, boulevard and yard onto the street. City Bylaws prohibit doing so and violators may receive a warning or a fine.


How do I dispute a parking ticket?

Please contact a Customer Service Representative to discuss options at 306-975-2400 or on the main floor of City Hall at 222 Third Avenue South. 


 What you  can expect from us

  • Street sweeping takes place annually in ten select neighourhoods over ten days in late fall.
  • Bright yellow ‘No Parking’ signs will be posted 36-48 hours in advance of sweeping. Vehicles remaining on a scheduled street at 7 a.m. may be ticketed and relocated to a nearby street.
  • Street Sweeping Service Alerts will be issued if there is a change to the schedule. 
  • City Bylaw Inspectors will investigate complaints of people pushing yard leaves onto the street and violators may receive a warning or a fine. It is against the City Bylaw to push sidewalk, boulevard and yard leaves onto the street. 

 How you can help us

  • Remove your vehicle by 7 a.m. on the posted sweeping day to avoid a ticket and/or relocation to a nearby street. Check Find My Vehicle! if your vehicle is moved.
  • Place leaves and debris in your Green Cart (for subscribers) or take them to one the City’s free Compost Depots when they reopen in the spring.
    If you place them in your Black Garbage Cart, please put them in a plastic bag and tie it up.
  • Report locations where residents have illegally pushed excessive leaves onto the street to the Bylaw Inspector at 306-975-3193. Applicable City Bylaws are: Bylaw No. 7200 The Traffic Bylaw, Bylaw No. 5713 Waste and Dumping, Bylaw No. 8310 The Waste Bylaw.
Fall Sweep Locations

Buena Vista Avenues

Buena Vista Streets

Caswell Hill Avenues

Caswell Hill Streets

City Park Even Avenues

City Park Odd Avenues

City Park Streets

Exhibition Avenues*

Exhibition Streets*

Holiday Park Avenues

Holiday Park Streets

King George Avenues

King George Streets

Mayfair Avenues

Mayfair Streets

Nutana Avenues

Nutana Streets East

Nutana Streets West

Riversdale Avenues

Riversdale Streets

Varsity View Avenues*

Varsity View Streets*

* Only select streets will be swept during the Fall Sweeping Program within Exhibition & Varsity View. For Exhibition, the streets and avenues between Herman Avenue and Lorne Avenue will not be swept. For Varsity View, all streets and avenues south of 14th Street will not be swept.