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Parking for Disabled Persons

Parking Services strives to make parking easy for everyone across the city regardless of physical or sensory ability.  This is achieved in three ways:

Designated Disabled Parking Areas

Parking spaces marked with the international symbol for accessibility are reserved exclusively for vehicles that display a valid disabled parking placard.  These spaces are found throughout Saskatoon in both private and public off-street lots.  Watch for signs!

A resident of Saskatoon with a mobility impairment can also request a disabled person’s loading zone in front of their home for easier access to their vehicle or to accommodate Access Transit vehicles.  Please contact Right-or-Way Permit Applications at 306-975-2454 for more information on this program.

Loading Zone Parking

Vehicles that display a valid disabled parking placard are permitted to park in a loading zone for up to the maximum time limit for the area, instead of for the loading zone.  For example, a vehicle with a placard may park in a 15 minute loading zone for up to three hours in the downtown area. Generally there are two loading zones per block face along Avenues and one per block face along Streets.

City Disabled Parking Permit

Saskatoon’s FlexParking pay stations were chosen, in part, because they meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) industry standard.  That said, many people may still be unable to use FlexParking stations because of particular mobility or sensory disabilities.  Disabled persons with valid Saskatchewan Abilities Council (SAC) placards are eligible to apply for a City of Saskatoon Disabled Parking Permit.  When displayed properly with the SAC placard, it permits parking in any valid public parking space across Saskatoon beyond the posted time limit, without payment at a FlexParking station.

Email us or visit City Hall for more information on how to apply.


Report abuse!

Remember that not every disability is visible or obvious.  If you suspect someone is parked in a disabled area without need, please be respectful.  Report the vehicle license plate number and location to Parking Enforcement at 306-975-8344 for them to investigate.

Online Form: Residential Disabled Parking Zone Application

1 Start 2 About your location and property 3 Complete
  • The applicant must have a valid disabled persons placard issued by Saskatchewan Abilities Council or Canadian Paraplegic Association.
  • The applicant must show that the residence does not have a driveway access.
  •  If the residence has access to a driveway, the following exceptions may be considered:Applicant uses Access Transit regularly. Applicant is a wheeler user and cannot access their vehicle easily or has someone picking them up regularly.
  • If the application is filled out by a tenant, the consent of the property owner will be required.
  • The location of the requested disabled parking zone shall be within the property lines and there shall not be any conflict with traffic lanes or safety zones. All other street regulations will apply.
  • The maximum number of disabled parking zone allowed is one per property.
  • The size of a disabled parking zone is 7 metres in length and 2.5 metres in width.
  • The applicant or the property owner is responsible to notify the Transportation Division when the disabled parking zone is no longer required.



The disabled parking zone is not for the sole use of the applicant. Any vehicle displaying a valid disabled persons placard can also use the disabled parking zone.

This information allows the City to respond more quickly to your request. You should use this feature when you want to provide information about your current location that may be hard to describe. This feature is only available on mobile devices.


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