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Parking Reservations (Meter Hooding)

Parking Services authorizes temporary reservations of metered parking stalls for approved activities across Saskatoon.  This service is commonly refered to as "meter hooding".  Following the transition from single-space meters to multi-space FlexParking stations, reserved areas are now marked with orange pylons and "No Parking" signs which prohibit public parking within the marked area.  

Plan in advance. 

Parking Services requires a minimum of 24 hours notice for all reservations.  Requests received less than 24 hours in advance will be charged a $100 expedite fee.

Call Parking Services to request your reservation. 

A Parking Services representative will take your request.  You'll need to provide the following information:

  • Your contact information and billing address.
  • The specific location and number of stalls needed (e.g. 2 stalls on the south side of 21st street, east of the alley). 
    • Please pay careful attention to the size of your vehicle, container, or activity.  You will be charged for all the space you occupy, not just what is noted in your request.
  • A start-date/time and anticipated end-date/time. 
    • The end date can be flexible if more or less time is required, but it is your responsibility to keep Parking Services informed.  
  • The purpose of your reservation. 
    • Reservations are typically approved to facilitate commercial services to a property such as maintenance or construction, or to accommodate moving vehicles.  Some reservations may be approved for special events at Parking Services' discretion.  Contact us for more information on eligibility.

You will be notified if your request is approved.  Pylons and "No Parking" signs will be installed by Parking Services staff at the start of the reservation. 

Monitor your reserved area.

Enforcement of reserved parking areas is conducted on a call-in basis.  Unauthorized vehicles must be reported to Parking Enforcement at 306-975-8344 to be ticketed and/or towed.

Notify Parking Services when your reservation is no longer required. 

Pylons and signs are removed by Parking Services staff once the space has been vacated and Parking Services has been informed at the end of the reservation.  Public parking in the area returns to normal once signs are removed. 

Pay for your reservation.

A $30 administration fee plus either $18, $25, or $35 per metered day will be charged, depending on the reservation duration (more or less than 30 days) and reservation type (24 or 11 hour restrictions).  An invoice will be mailed to you when your reservation has closed, or at the end of each month for longer reservations.  Payment is due within 30 days of receipt.

For more information call us at 306-975-2548 or send us an email.