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Questions about a Ticket?

If you have questions about your ticket, or need more information, please contact a Customer Service Representative by:

Before you contact us, have you considered the following?​

Did you enter your license plate number incorrectly?

Please ensure  you have entered the correct license plate information when paying for parking.  If you make a mistake before confirming the session, just hit the cancel button and start again. It is your responsibility to enter the correct information.  

Did you forget to pay for parking, or didn't know you had to pay?

Metered parking has been in Saskatoon for a long time and is standard in every major city.  It is your responsibility as a driver to pay attention to signs and comply with all aspects of the Traffic Bylaw, including paying for parking when required.    

Did you forget your parking permit at home or in another vehicle?

If you are issued a permit for parking in Saskatoon, e.g. a Residential Parking permit or a Saskatchewan Abilities Council placard, it is your responsibility to display that permit at all times while in use.  Forgetting your permit at home or failing to display it properly is not an acceptable excuse.  

How do I contest my ticket?
  1. All Flex parking tickets go through a post-processing review system where tickets that have been issued in obvious error are canceled before they are entered into the City’s parking ticket system.  While you may have received a paper ticket, it is possible it was canceled during post-processing.  Please wait 2 business days and check if your ticket still holds by searching for your ticket number.  
  2. Contact a Customer Service Representative to discuss options.
  3. Contest your ticket in court. A summons notice will be mailed to you indicating your scheduled court date. If you cannot make the court date indicated on your summons notice, call City Hall to request a change of date PRIOR to the court date that is assigned on the summons.