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Parking shouldn't be a hassle.  The ​WayToPark app eliminates the need of going to a FlexParking station to pay for parking.  Instead, you can pay directly from your smartphone!  

The app contains a variety of features that allow users to enter and save multiple license plate numbers, print or view receipts and also extend current parking sessions.  WayToPark is available for download on both iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play) devices.  For a tutorial on how the app works, visit  

Below are answers to common questions about the WayToPark app. 

How can I download the WayToPark App?

The simplest way to do this is to search for “WayToPark” where you normally download apps to your mobile device. The app is available for both iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play).

How do I register an account for the WayToPark App?

After installing and opening the WayToPark App, you can choose to create a new user or sign in to an existing account.  Follow the instructions to input information including your name, password, license plate(s) and payment method(s).

How do I know when I can use WayToPark to pay for my parking?

WayToPark can be used to pay for any City of Saskatoon public pay parking location. This does not apply to private lots or restricted parking areas. Watch for “Pay Parking Zone” signs. 

Is there a minimum purchase for parking through the WayToPark App?

A minimum purchase of $0.50 (15 minutes) is required to use the WayToPark App.

How do I know which zone number I should use?

Parking in Saskatoon is one zone fits all! Zone 6001 is used for all City of Saskatoon public pay parking locations throughout the Downtown, Broadway, Riversdale, and Sutherland areas and adjacent to City Hospital and St. Paul’s Hospital.  The zone number will automatically be displayed if your phone’s locations services are turned on.  Also, after you’ve used the app once the zone number will be stored in your “recent” zones.

How do I set the number of the zone I am parking in?

 Enter either "City of Saskatoon Pay Parking" or "6001" in the search bar.

Do I need to include spaces when entering my license plate number?

No, enter your plate information without spaces.


Can I use WayToPark if I have a personalized license plate number?

 Yes. But, as usual, be sure to enter the license plate number correctly.

Can I use WayToPark if I have a motorcycle?

Yes, of course. You can use it for any vehicle with a license plate number.

How does Parking Enforcement know that I have paid?

Parking Enforcement will check the actual plate numbers displayed to identify which parked vehicles have paid for parking and which have not, at any given time. The paid parking session information is saved on a server and accessed by Parking Enforcement. This is the exact same process used for purchases made at a pay station.  To ensure you have a valid paid session, please enter the license plate number exactly as it is displayed on the vehicle licence plate you have parked.

I have received a fine although I have paid for my parking.

First, please be respectful to the officer. You may receive a paper ticket, but don’t worry! With verification of payment, an officer’s error can certainly be corrected at the time of the ticket or through the “Request to Review” (RTR) process.  Please call the main parking number 306-975-2548 to initiate an RTR.

All parking tickets go through a review system daily where tickets that have been issued in obvious error are cancelled before they are entered into the City’s parking ticket system. If the Parking Enforcement Coordinator sees that a ticket was issued immediately before or anytime throughout a paid session, they will cancel the ticket at their discretion. We encourage you to wait 2 business days and then check if your ticket still holds by searching for your ticket number.

How do I enable the email notification feature for my account?

Log into the WayToPark App. Select “My Info” and then “Settings”. From there, you can select notifications based on the following options:

  • Session Started
  • Session Expired
  • Session Extended
  • Session Stopped
  • Session Reminder

I have a new car. What do I do?

In “My info”, select “Vehicles” and then click on “Add a vehicle” to add a vehicle to your account. 

What do I do if I want to change the primary credit card or vehicle being used?

This is easily done in “My info”. From there, select “Payment” or “Vehicles”, depending on what you want to change. After making your choice, click on the credit card or vehicle you want to change. In the next step, you can change the toggle switch for Primary card or Primary vehicle (the switch will move to the right and turn green if selected). Then click on “Done”.

If I want to use a different credit card or vehicle for an individual parking session, what do I do?

WayToPark automatically uses Primary card and Vehicle. If, at any time, you want to use a different card or vehicle, you can change this on the Verify page (after you have selected zone). Click on the one you want to change for this purchase and select a different vehicle or credit card.  You will only be able to see the vehicle and payment methods that have been entered under “My Info”.

Can I use WayToPark if I don't have a smartphone?

Yes! Visit and you can Login or Register your WayToPark account.

Can I have ongoing parking sessions for more than one vehicle at the same time?

Yes, you can handle several vehicles and cards in the app. It is also possible to have several ongoing parking sessions for different vehicles.

Can I register several vehicles and cards to my account?

 Yes, there is no limit to the number of cards or vehicles that you can register. This can be used, for example, to account for private and business-related parking sessions separately.

 How do I get a receipt for a previous transaction?

You will find receipts of your completed purchases in “My info” “Parking History”. The receipt (PDF) can be sent to an e-mail by clicking "Send receipt".

How can I find out if my parking was processed?

After confirming the transaction details, the details will appear under “Ongoing”

How do I “top up” my WayToPark session?

If your WayToPark parking session is about to expire, you can top up your time through the WayToPark App. The app will notify you before time is about to expire.  Click on the “Extend” option and select the increased time.  Remember parking is limited to a maximum amount of time, which varies depending on location. Watch for signs!

If I paid for parking through an on-street pay station, can I extend my parking session using the WayToPark App?

If you paid for parking at a pay station and your parking session is about to expire, you can start a new session through the WayToPark App. Simply start a new parking session and complete your transaction through the WayToPark App.

I can’t add more time to my parking, why?

You are most likely trying to exceed the maximum parking time allotment for the area you are parked at.

I moved my car but still had time remaining. Can I apply the unused time to another location?

Yes! Your paid session is valid at any City of Saskatoon pay parking space across the city until it expires. This does not apply to private lots or restricted parking areas. Please note that your session does not pause while you are driving.

I made a mistake when inputting the zone, duration or licence plate, what can I do?

Users are unable to change any parking transaction details once the parking session has been confirmed. Please take care to enter your information correctly under “My Info” and then be diligent to ensure you’ve selected the correct info before confirming the purchase.  If you have parked under the wrong location, or vehicle licence plate, please start a new transaction with the correct details. Payment with an incorrect plate could result in a valid parking ticket.

Why has my payment been refused?

This could be due to several reasons, for example:

  • The card has expired
  • There is insufficient funds in your account to process the transaction.

Please check the expiry date on the registered card that you are using for the purchase. If the card has expired, delete it and add a valid card.

I have forgotten my username

Your username is usually the e-mail address you used when you registered your account. If not, please email the WayToPark support team at

I get the message “Communication error with server”. What do I do?

Check to ensure you have cellular data coverage or are connected to Wi-Fi. Some Wi-Fi access points require a log in, ensure you are logged in and have Wi-Fi access.

I received a “Server request timeout” message

This rare message may indicate the app server is current experiencing issues.  Please wait a moment and retry.  If you cannot complete the purchase, please make your way to an on-street pay station.

What types of payment methods are accepted?

WayToPark accepts Visa and MasterCard and pre-paid city parking cards.

How do I get a Promotion Code?

This is a feature currently provided on the world-wide WayToPark App.  It does not have a use here in Saskatoon yet, but may in the future.

Is it secure to register a credit card in WayToPark?

 Yes, WayToPark complies with strict security regulations and all card numbers are encrypted.

Are my payments secure?

Yes, WayToPark uses the highest possible security for all transactions. The Swedish developer of WayToPark is one of the global leaders in payment solutions for parking. 

Who can I contact if the WayToPark App is not working?

Email WayToPark at