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Health Care

In order to receive health care at no direct cost to you, you must have a Saskatchewan Health Card. Learn more about who is eligible for a card and how to apply.

Hospitals and Clinics

Saskatoon has three hospitals and a number of medical clinics:

If you need medical care right away (broken bone, chest pains, difficulty breathing, etc.), all of the hospitals have emergency wards; please check each hospital’s website to learn what hours the emergency wards are open. If you need medical care, but it is not an emergency, there are a number of walk-in clinics in Saskatoon, which you can find by searching the Saskatoon Yellow pages. You do not need to have a family doctor to use a walk-in clinic.


While you are not required to have a regular family doctor, it is of great benefit to be able to consistently visit a doctor who is familiar with your and your family’s health. Check out this list of Saskatoon doctors currently accepting new patients.