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Citizen Input


 What you  can expect from us

  1. We will work to create more opportunities for citizens to shape the design of our services.
  2. The way we deliver service will also be shaped around the needs of citizens.
  3. Growing cities like Saskatoon need to adapt to meet the changing needs and expectations of citizens.

 How you can help us

  1. Whether it’s about the design or delivery of services, we're eager to hear from citizens who want to share their ideas with us.
  2. Citizen feedback is key to accomplishing our goal of continuous improvement - sign up and join our Citizen Advisory Panel to shape the design and delivery of City services into the future.

2016 Initiatives

Citizen Advisory Panel

  • A new Citizen Advisory Panel has been created, and we already have over 1,500 citizens who have signed up.

  • We are going to be promoting the Advisory Panel through a number of channels, and our website has a sign up form so people can join. Participants on the panel will be asked regularly for input on ways to improve our services. We are also going to get input on service priorities for the next additions to the Customer Relationship Management system.

Citizen Satisfaction Surveys

  • In Fall of 2015, we began sending out citizen satisfaction surveys to people who used the Contact Us Form on the website.
  • The feedback collected from citizens is being used for continuous improvement.

Annual Civic Services Survey

  • The City of Saskatoon has conducted the Civic Services Survey annually since the early 1990s. The key objectives of the survey are to:

    • gain insight into perceptions of the quality of life in Saskatoon

    • gain insight into perceptions of importance and satisfaction relating to the services provided by
      the City of Saskatoon

    • track perceptions and satisfaction with the above areas

Check out the  ​Summary report from the 2016 Civic Services Survey.

Citizen Budget

  • The Citizen Budget was ‘on the road’ over a six week period to gather public feedback on Budget 2017.
  • In-person participation opportunities were held at various locations in Saskatoon from May 28 - June 18.
  • Online citizen budget input was hosted from May 13 – June 25, 2016 and saw 2,633 visitors and 803 responses.
2015 Accomplishments

Website Redesign

  • Our online engagement had 10,000 visits from 7,000 users. Residents completed over 1,000 surveys and online exercises and voted 1,700 times on polls about the new website. Whether it’s about the design or delivery of services, we're eager to hear from citizens who want to share ideas with us either in-person and online.

2016 City Budget

  • In a new budget planning process this year, the City launched a number of Shaping Our Financial Future public engagement opportunities .
    • Using the online Budget Tool, over 500 citizens completed the Budget Tool activity.

    • During June Budget events, over 260 residents participated in a variety of engagement opportunities.

    • A Budget booth at the Fall Home Show (October 23 to 25 at Prairieland Park) offered citizens another opportunity to provide their input into the 2016 Budget.

Citizen Satisfaction Surveys

  • In September 2015 a pilot project was started to collect citizen feedback on the service they are receiving through the City.
    • Citizens submitting information and service requests through the website Contact Us Form were asked if they would like to receive a service satisfaction survey.
    • Just over 6,600 submissions were received in 2015.
    • Approximately 15% received satisfaction surveys and approximately half of those people completed the survey.

The Recreation and Parks Master Plan

  • Released in June 2015, is intended to guide future decision-making. It provides an overall framework for the development, delivery, and continuous improvement of recreation and parks programs, services, and facilities. Citizen engagement and community input were integral to the process of creating the final Recreation and Parks Master Plan and these were some of the engagement opportunities that were provided:
    • Two hundred key stakeholders, representing groups and individuals, were identified during development of the Master Plan. The stakeholders were grouped into broader categories and approximately 100 interviews were conducted with the stakeholders groups by the project consultants to ensure that stakeholder input was considered.
    • Intercept surveys were conducted to tap into citizen feedback regardless of whether or not they typically used Recreation and Parks facilities and programming. These surveys were offered at places like the Broadway Street Fair, spray parks, outdoor pools and the Lions Skateboard Park.
    • Two focus groups were held with Newcomers and Aboriginals to gather their input
    • Household surveys were conducted with 400 participants
    • An open web survey was offered on Shaping Saskatoon and over 500 citizens participated
    • Six open houses provided opportunities for over 245 citizens and the consultants to share and to gather information.

Annual Civic Services Survey

  • The Annual Civic Services Survey was conducted in May and June to get citizen feedback on a variety of civic issues. A total of 500 surveys were completed via telephone, and 822 surveys online. The goal of the annual survey is to obtain citizen feedback on a variety of civic issues, and to measure progress on reaching the performance target of overall satisfaction with civic services of 90% or more.