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City council supports orderly & sustainable neighbourhood development

For immediate release: June 25, 2019 - 8:52am

City Council has directed the Administration not to accelerate the Solair Neighbourhood project into the Holmwood Suburban Development Area.

Currently the proposed development lands are mostly outside Saskatoon City Limits and not in the development stream for any immediate city development.

Angela Gardiner, General Manager of Transportation and Construction, says the Civic Administration works hard to support developers and to create a business-friendly community.

“We completely respect and appreciate the goals of such a business and these companies need to make money on their developments; however, that cannot be done on the backs of taxpayers, or at the expense of other developers,” Gardiner says.  “We have an obligation to ensure Saskatoon develops in a fair and predictable manner for all developers.

“We also need to make sure the multi-million-dollar underground services – water, sewer, storm water, power, and communications – work properly and are constructed in a cost-effective way.”

Arbutus Properties has proposed a development of lands that are outside city limits southeast of Saskatoon that it says could be a future neighborhood.

The proposal has concepts that support many of the City’s environmental and development goals, but the civic Administration suggests the developer try a different approach.

“We would be very interested to see Arbutus implement some of the eco-friendly concepts it has proposed within the extensive undeveloped lands they own in Rosewood.”

Gardiner says there are multiple billion-dollar private developments already underway in Saskatoon.

“Adding another development will not attract additional housing demand in the City: it will simply take away demand from areas where City Council has already made significant investments.”

Council has also asked the Administration to report back on any possible ways to expand oversight or regulation around environmental features of new neighbourhood development.