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Fire Prevention Week – Heating Safety

For immediate release: October 11, 2018 - 1:00pm

This Fire Prevention Week, the Saskatoon Fire Department has been emphasizing three basic principles of fire safety and prevention: Look. Listen. Learn. Be aware. Fire can happen anywhere. We’ve covered the importance of needing to LISTEN for the sound of your smoke alarm and LEARN the details of your home escape plan; today, we will examine heating safety and why it’s important to LOOK around your home for potential fire hazards.

Winter in Saskatchewan can often have us looking to heat our homes in a hurry! Heating equipment is a key contributor to home fires and burn injuries over the winter months. Consider the following safety tips when warming up this winter:

  • Do not leave space heaters running when you leave the room or go to sleep,
  • Never use space heaters to dry combustible items,
  • Do not use your oven to heat your home,
  • Keep children and pets at least one metre away from fireplaces and space heaters,
  • Do not store combustible materials within one metre of your furnace or other heating equipment,
  • Keep all heat sources free from dust, lint, and chemical product,
  • Place a screen in front of your wood-burning or gas fireplace, and
  • Have a reputable and qualified company install and maintain all heating equipment; inspect gas or oil burning furnaces annually.

The Saskatoon Fire Department wants you to stay warm this winter, but we want you to stay safe, too! When looking around your home for potential fire hazards, be sure to check your heating equipment thoroughly while considering the above noted tips for heating safety.

In an emergency, seconds count; being cautious when it comes to heating can be the difference in preventing a tragedy in your home.

To finish off Fire Prevention Week, we’ll look at the leading cause of home fires: Cooking; tune in tomorrow to learn of how you can keep your dreams of becoming a professional chef from going up in smoke!

Always remember: Look. Listen. Learn. Be aware. Fire can happen anywhere.

In an emergency, call 911 immediately.