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COVID-19 Response: Parks, Playgrounds and Dog Parks

Effective March 25, City-owned playground structures will close until further notice. This action was necessary because the shared surfaces people touch - especially playground equipment - should not be used right now for the health and safety of you and your family.

As we recognize the importance of getting fresh air and exercise each day, spaces including trails, dog parks and public squares remain open. Visitors must maintain a safe, two-metre (six feet) distance away from others using outdoor spaces. Consider outings by yourself or with just one other person at the appropriate distance. Sports fields should not be used for organized sports or play, and do not play any games, sports and activities, like soccer and shinny hockey, that put you in close contact with others. Visit for the latest information.

Park Locations & Amenities

Use the Parks Google MyMaps to search for a park by name or location and find out what amenities each park has to offer.

Park Etiquette

Park rules and regulations are in place to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all users.  Please follow them each time you visit.

Park Bookings & Permits

Learn more about booking park space and permits for park access, use of drones and seasonal commercial enterprise in parks.

Park Maintenance

The Parks Division is responsible for maintaining over 2,130 hectares of parks, sport fields, naturalized areas and other open spaces throughout the city.  Learn more about Park Service Levels for maintaining these spaces throughout the year.

Park Development

The City is committed to maintaining the vitality of its parks and natural areas. This involves planning and designing parks for new neighbourhoods, as well as refurbishing parks in established areas.


The Greenhouse  is responsible for providing and maintaining floral displays for public viewing and/or landscape enhancement in the Civic Conservatory, City Hall and other civic facilities, as well as major public roadways, parks and public open spaces.

Woodlawn Cemetery

Centrally located at the intersection of 2nd Avenue and Warman Road since 1905, it is easily accessible by car and public transport. The street address is 1502 2nd Ave N.