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New Park Plans/Designs

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Satellite Maintenance Yards

City of Saskatoon Parks Division (Parks) recently completed a Civic Service Review (CSR) to identify challenges and opportunities for operational efficiencies. One of the challenges identified was the increasing amount of non-productive hours staff spend driving to and from the City’s current Parks maintenance facilities and work sites. In fact, a vehicle mileage study found some Parks maintenance teams were driving in excess of 220 kilometers per day, due to increasing distances travelled from current maintenance buildings to new park and open space areas.

To solve this problem, Parks will be building new satellite maintenance facilities in certain parks around the City throughout the coming months. These facilities will improve customer service and coordination of park maintenance, as well as provide storage for the additional equipment necessary to provide maintenance services to new park inventory. This initiative is estimated to yield a cost savings of approximately 10% in neighborhoods these facilities will serve, as well as 5-15% time savings per person/per day working from the new maintenance facilities.

New Satellite Maintenance Yards are confirmed for: Lakewood, Hyde and Peter Zakreski Parks. “Future Home of” signs have been placed in these locations to share the vision with residents and the surrounding communities. As specific locations are confirmed, City administration will share information with affected community associations to better inform their residents.

Current Park Construction 

Information on construction projects will be added as it becomes available.


Future Park Construction

Numerous parks are scheduled for construction in the city in the next few years. Concept plans for the new parks will be added as they are developed.