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Building Standards Announcements


The following are current updates on Building Standards. Please note, updates older than one year may be located elsewhere on the Building Standards pages or removed.

May 2017

May 24, 2017

Updated Building Bylaw No. 9455

City Council updated its Building Bylaw and repealed its 25-year-old predecessor at its Tuesday, May 23 meeting.

Updates to the Bylaw will enhance program transparency by clarifying and clearly communicating application requirements and permitting conditions. New permitting conditions will reinforce and support good neighbour practices; some conditions include:

  • Defining permit expiry dates;
  • Outlining the process for requesting a permit extension; and
  • Clarifying site conditions and construction signage requirements.

Importantly, key industry stakeholders were involved in improving the way life-safety systems are addressed throughout the building process.  These partners helped incorporate new requirements for on-site life-safety system reviews to make sure installations are done in accordance with the approved engineered design; this was previously outside the scope of the program.

The updated Bylaw will contain new administration fees to support the sustainability of the Building Inspection and Plan Review Programs.  The administration fees will apply only to customers who request to:

  • Extend the term of their building permit;
  • Reinstate a building permit; or
  • Cancel a building permit.

Full enforcement of the Bylaw provisions is proposed for January 1, 2018. Building Standards Division will work with industry and civic departments over the next six months to develop an implementation plan to support the rollout of the updated Bylaw.

Overall, the updated Bylaw provides a platform to communicate building permit requirements and conditions in a clear and consistent manner, promote good neighbor practices through transparent building permit program administration, and support the City’s Strategic Goals by balancing growth with accountability and public safety.

A link to the new Building Bylaw No 9455 will be added here soon.

April 2017

On July 1, 2017, the new Energy Efficiency Compliance Form - 9.36 will be required to be submitted for all buildings that fall under the scope of 9.36 of the 2015 National Building Code.  The document can be found under Residential Submission Forms and Commercial Submission Forms on the Forms and Brochures page. Please also see the supplementary Energy Efficiency Compliance 9.36 Information Sheet. The information sheet will also be stored on the Forms and Brochures page.

November 2016

Beginning on January 1, 2017, the new ventilation design sheets will be required for Residential Building and Development Permit applications that currently require the ventilation design sheets to be submitted.  Please note, these documents have already been uploaded and may be found under Residential Forms on the Forms and Brochures page.

June 2016

Please see the new Secondary Suites Booklet which is an informational guide for creating a new secondary suite. This booklet can also be found under Residential Forms on the Forms and Brochures page. 

In addition, please see the Inspection Handbook for New Homes which is an informational guide with respect to the inspection steps for new home construction. This handbook can be found under Residential Forms on the Forms and Brochures page. 

January 2016

Beginning on February 1, 2016, Building and Development Permit applications for group dwelling sites shall meet the requirements outlined in the Site Plan Requirements for Group Dwelling Sites handout. This form may also be found on the Forms and Brochures page.

December 2015 

On December 15, 2015 the Building Standards Division at the City of Saskatoon issued a Public Service Announcement for the acceptance of 6 Storey Wood Frame Construction. Please click on the Announcement or Frequently Asked Questions links for further information.