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Graffiti Reduction

Is graffiti a victimless crime?

Graffiti is a serious crime that impacts all members of the community.

The victims of graffiti include:

  • Property owners who incur tremendous expense in removing graffiti;
  • Business owners who incur a loss of customers from the negative image that graffiti generates;
  • Communities who incur negative messaging of a community in decline;
  • Taxpayers whose dollars are spent removing graffiti on public buildings, monuments and park structures.

You can Help

If you are a victim of graffiti vandalism...

Record It

Take a picture of the graffiti vandalism as soon as it is identified. 

Report It

Report all incidents of damage to your property by calling Saskatoon Police Service at 306-975-8300

Remove It

Remove graffiti from your property as quickly as possible. The faster and more frequently graffiti is cleaned up, the less it reappears. 

What can I do if I see graffiti on someone elses property?

To report graffiti vandalism on property other than your own call 306-975-2828.  Graffiti can also be reported on the City of Saskatoon website, by clicking on "Contact Us" at the top of this page, entering name, phone number, email address, and then clicking on "Service Category" and selecting "Graffiti".  Pictures can be uploaded and the request will be received and put in the queue for removal.