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Street Lighting

Reporting Street Light Trouble

Lights on arterial and collector roads are patrolled on a regular basis, but with responsibility for more than 25,000 lights around the city we need your help to identify problems in your area.

Use the   Outage map to let us know if there is a street light problem in your area.  This may map be used to report street lights in both the Saskatoon Light & Power and SaskPower service areas within Saskatoon.  

Street lights are represented with a light bulb symbol inside an orange circle. To report a problem:

  1. Find the street light by clicking “Locate Me” if using a GPS supported device,  or by entering an address (street, city or town, or postal code) in the search bar.
  2. Click on the street light icon and an information box appears that contains details on the light and status if it has been previously reported. 
  3. If the street light needs to be reported, click the “Report this Light” button to report the problem.  If a light has been previously reported, this button will not be available, and the street light icon will have a diagonal line through it.
  4. Complete the required information in the form.  If you wish to receive status updates, be sure to select the “Send Me Update” checkbox and enter your email address.
  5. Click the “Report” button and the street light icon will change to a light bulb with a diagonal line through it.

If you’re experiencing problems submitting a street light outage, please contact us at 306-975-2414 or 306-975-2621 (24 hour Trouble Line) or email us. Be sure to include the location of the street light (e.g. address, street intersection).

For Traffic Signal Trouble call 306-975-2981.

For SaskPower maintained street light inquiries, call 1-888-757-6937.


Street Light Information

Roadway lighting allows timely, accurate, and safe visibility at night.  This:

  • Allows for the safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians;
  • Reduces night time accidents;
  • Raises a sense of personal security; and
  • Encourages the night time use of the area.

Saskatoon Light & Power owns and maintains approximately 25,000 street lights. The majority are high pressure sodium (orange/yellow light), some areas have metal halide (white with a hint of blue).

Roadway and pathway lighting is designed to meet the Illumination Engineering Society of North America Guidelines (IES RP-8-00 and DG-5-94).

Saskatoon Light & Power is installing LED (light emitting diode) lighting in new areas of the City including at the new  Stonebridge Interchange. The fixtures use approximately 55% less energy than high pressure sodium (HPS) and significantly reduce the amount of light shining onto private property. This reduced electrical consumption also translates into a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and makes LED lights a more cost efficient choice overall.

The price of LED fixtures has been steadily dropping and is becoming much more competitive as more jurisdictions move to using this type of lighting. In Saskatoon, a colour temperature of 4100K has been selected for the LED fixtures.

Light fixtures at the Stonebridge Interchange and approaches are Mongoose style post lighting. These innovative styled fixtures coupled with the LED lights give a brighter level of light perception for the same illumination. 

For these reasons, LED fixtures are included as part of SL&P’s lighting standard.