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Drinking Water

Saskatoon has one the safest water supplies in North America. We take pride in the quality of our water supply, and are committed to ensuring all precautions are taken to keep our citizens safe when work or construction is occurring on the water supply system.

Water Treatment Plant

The Water Reservoir Storage Expansion Project was completed in 2015. The project helps ensure the Water Treatment Plant can meet continuing demand for water due to Saskatoon’s growing population

Be Water Wise

Conserving water helps to save energy, money and preserve our water systems. 

Water Meters

The City of Saskatoon provides water and sewer services to approximately 72,000 water meters with approximately 1,000 new meters added each year. 

Water Week

A significant amount of energy is required to treat, distribute, and manage our water and our wastewater. By reducing your water consumption, you help conserve energy use, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and help ease the burden on our water and wastewater treatment plants and distribution systems.

Lead Water Pipes

Saskatoon’s water supply is virtually lead-free. The lead level content in the City’s drinking water when it enters the water distribution system is 100 times lower than the Health Canada limit. 

Water Main Breaks & Repairs

Water main breaks generally result from corrosion, ground movement, expansion and contraction of the water main pipe when weather changes.

Water & Wastewater Utility Rates

The rates for this service are designed to fund all of the Water & Wastewater costs related to operations and capital projects regarding water quality, city growth, and regulatory requirements.

Your Water Meter

When you regularly read your own water meter, you can keep your account current and accurate in between readings done by our City of Saskatoon meter readers.

Frozen Pipes

To help prevent frozen pipes at your home, we recommend making sure the pipes are well-insulated, including the portion at the outside walls of your home.