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Property Assessment & Tax Tool

Welcome to the Property Assessment & Tax Tool  where you can:

  • look up your property's current and previous assessed value
  • find market area information
  • view your property's historical tax information
  • see a detailed breakdown of how the municipal portion of your property taxes are allocated to various civic services, many of which we all rely on everyday 
  • review information on nearby properties.

***Please Note***The 2017 Property Tax Notice will be sent to property owners the week of May 8, 2017; the Tax Information Tab on this Tax Tool will be updated by mid-May to reflect the 2017 figures.

The Province of Saskatchewan requires the City of Saskatoon to conduct a reassessment of all property types every four years. In 2017, a reassessment year, your property had its value reassessed and updated to reflect the assessed market value as of the base date of January 1, 2015. The last reassessment was conducted in 2013, and used a base date of January 1, 2011.  Your property's new assessment value will be used to calculate your taxes for the current year. Owners of properties with similar values pay similar taxes. 

Properties whose assessed values increased or decreased more than the average property within their tax class, will see tax changes as a result of a reassessment. The increase or decrease to your taxes as a result of reassessment is phased-in or spread over a term specific to your property class. i.e. for residential properties the phase-in term is two years.

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