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Neighbourhood Infill Development

Neighbourhood Infill Development guides development in established neighbourhoods. Property owners and developers can access information on garden and garage suites and primary dwellings. 

Condominium Approvals

Property owners may apply to the City for approval for condominium status of new buildings or conversion of existing buildings.

Minor Variances

Approval for minor variances shall only be granted for applications regarding one and two unit dwellings, semi-detached dwellings, mobile homes, and accessory buildings to such developments. No minor variance shall be granted for a discretionary use.

Rezoning Property

Request an amendment to the Zoning Bylaw.

Subdividing Property

Apply to the City for approval to subdivide your property. A subdivision is used to divide the land into smaller parcels for the purpose of legally registering separate ownership titles for the parcels with the provincial Information Services Corporation.

Land Use Complaints

We work with citizens to correct Zoning Bylaw violations and help to resolve land use conflicts between neighbours.

Development Appeals

Make an appeal to the Development Appeals Board.

Discretionary Use

If your development proposal is a discretionary use, you must obtain discretionary use approval before a development commences.

Wetland Policy

The City of Saskatoon recognizes that urban development will inevitably impact wetland resources. The intent of the  Wetland Policy is to guide land use and development decisions related to wetland and riparian areas in a manner that is sensitive to the ecological integrity of wetlands and the objectives of achieving compact, sustainable and economically viable growth patterns.