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The primary goal of the City of Saskatoon planners is to build an increasingly sustainable community over time, with an enhanced quality of life, consistent with the vision and core strategies of the City’s Strategic Plan. 

Through community engagement and consultation, we seek to understand the values of the community, and reflect those values through the implementation of development policies, programs, bylaws and standards. 

Our mandate includes district planning, future growth, land use and zoning policy, development review, planning for new neighbourhoods, revitalizing existing communities, affordable housing, community safety, community and demographic research, heritage management, and business licensing and bylaw enforcement.  We work with community, business, First Nations and regional partners to foster mutually supportive relationships and sustainable development throughout the City and region. 

Official Community Plan

The Official Community Plan provides the policy framework to define, direct and evaluate development in Saskatoon to a population of 500,000. 

Strategic Plan

Through community outreach, City Council developed seven strategic goals to achieve the vision that Saskatoon citizens said they want. Learn more on the 2013-2023 Strategic Plan, and stay tuned as we launch the plans for reaching each goal. 

Plan for Growth

Saskatoon will welcome 250,000 people in the next few decades. Our Plan for Growth creates a stronger social, environmental, economic and financial future for all residents.


Learn more about the City of Saskatoon's plans and strategies for improving comfort, accessibility and enthusiasm in our vibrant winter community. 

Urban Reserves & Treaty Land Entitlement

Urban reserves are tremendous economic, social, and cultural development opportunities that benefit the entire community including First Nations and non-First Nations people. Learn more about urban reserves. View maps of Saskatoon's urban reserves.

Neighbourhood Planning

Neighbourhood Planning consists of activities intended to revitalize and build capacity in core neighbourhoods, monitor safety and work to reduce crime in neighbourhoods and collaborate on projects that affect established neighbourhoods. 

Regional Planning

Regional Planning works with other governments that have land use interests in Saskatoon and on the rural-urban fringe.  The section works jointly with the Rural Municipality of Corman Park to manage land use and development in the Saskatoon Planning District.  The section is also working to strengthen the City's relationships with First Nations that may be creating or developing a Reserve in or near Saskatoon.

Planning & Publications

Browse, view, and download planning publications.


The City of Saskatoon is constantly growing and our maps show the most up to date line work. 

Neighbourhood Concept Plans

A Neighbourhood Concept Plan (NCP) is a neighborhood-level land use plan that guides the development of a new neighbourhood in Saskatoon.

Sector Plans

Sector Plans provide a broad framework for future urban development and include the location and size of future neighbourhoods, employment areas, parks, and significant natural areas.

Urban Design

Find out more about Business Improvement Districts, streetscape projects and the banner program.