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Official Community Plan


The  Official Community Plan (Bylaw 8769) (OCP) provides the policy framework to define, direct and evaluate development in Saskatoon to a population of 500,000. The plan ensures that development takes place in an orderly and rational manner, balancing the environmental, social and economic needs of the community.

It provides both inspiration and direction, ensuring that the community’s vision for Saskatoon is integrated into all aspects of our planning, priority-setting and development.

Official Community Plan Redesign

In recent years, the City has undertaken a number of initiatives and planning exercises that have helped shape a new vision for our city.  Each of the initiatives have included extensive public consultation and have been endorsed by City Council. To reflect these initiatives and this new vision, Planning and Development has instigated a redesign of the OCP.

The redesign will ensure the direction of Saskatoon Speaks, Plan for Growth, Strategic PlanCity Centre Plan, Culture Plan, Recreation and Parks Master Plan, Active Transportation Plan, Green Infrastructure Strategy, Heritage Plan, and Saskatoon North Partnership for Growth is reflected in the OCP.

Come & Grow 2019

On January 31, 2019, the OCP Redesign project was introduced to the public at the Come & Grow 2019 event.  Engagement boards were presented to show draft wording for sections of the OCP related to the Plan for Growth and the University Sector.  

 Official Community Plan Engagement Boards - January 2019 Come & Grow (23MB)