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 COVID-19 Response for Saskatoon Residents

On March 19, 2020, the City decided to close public access to City Hall and all City buildings, including fire stations, leisure facilities, attractions and Saskatoon Public Library locations. While we are closed to the public, our business operations continue to ensure core services for our residents as much as possible. Public transit currently remains operational.

Residential Infill Development

“At least 25% five-year rolling average of residential development is in infill neighbourhoods by 2023” measures success in reducing requirements for new infrastructure and ongoing maintenance costs.  This target supports the overall strategic direction of many major corporate initiatives.

neighbourhood Infill

How are we doing?

On average from 2014 to 2018, 14.8% of total dwellings constructed in Saskatoon were infill development.  

Data Table
Residential Infill Development
  2011-2015 2012-2016 2013-2017 2014-2018 ...2023
Infill Share - 5 year rolling average (%) 15.0 14.8 13.7 14.8  


Residential infill development measures the City’s success in reducing requirements for new infrastructure and ongoing maintenance costs. The City’s Growth Plan to Half a Million has an infill target of 50% of the next 250,000 people. Current infill levels are below 30% and many significant infill projects are several years away. A five-year rolling average is used because of large annual fluctuations in development. 

The target = Number of new housing units in infill neighbourhoods over five years ÷ Total new housing units over five years

The target supports the success drivers of sustainable growth, neighbourhood quality, balanced land use, multiple transportation options, and it can contribute significantly to the availability of land for development. This target supports the overall strategic direction being set by many major corporate initiatives such as the Growth Plan to Half a Million, North Downtown Plan, City Centre Plan, Neighbourhood Infill Guidelines Study, Civic Operations Centre Plan, University’s 2057 Plan, and Vacant Lot Development Incentive Program.